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Title Comment Keywords
Economic Benefits of Structures 21:25 - 22:28 (01:03) / 1.3 MB "James Saad", "geologic structure", "economic geology", oil, strata, permeability, impermeability, fold
First Commercial Oil Well 22:28 - 22:46 (00:18) / 0.3 MB "James Saad", "Appalachian Mountains", "oil well", "geologic structure", "economic geology", oil, gas, strata, permeability, impermeable, fold
Importance of Geologic Structures 25:22 - 26:51 (01:29) / 1.8 MB geology, "James Saad", "John McPhee", "Mount Everest", "marine limestone", structure, fold, fault, plate, "geologic hazard", resource, "structural geology"
Geology School Keywords

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