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Title Comment Keywords
The Parkfield Study 17:53 - 18:08 (00:15) / 0.4 MB Parkfield, California, "San Andreas Fault", "earthquake precursor"
Goals of the Parkfield Study 18:08 - 18:57 (00:49) / 1.3 MB Parkfield, California, "San Andreas Fault", "earthquake precursor", "Evelyn Roeloffs", geophysicist, prediction
Earthquakes 30 minutes / n.a. earthquake, Parkfield, fault, energy, "San Andreas Fault", magnitude, epicenter, "secondary wave", "Richter Scale", "primary wave", "fault zone", "earthquake prediction", "creep meter", "seismic wave"
Forecasting Earthquakes 15:21 - 16:20 (00:59) / 1.6 MB Parkfield, earthquake, "San Andreas Fault", magnitude, epicenter, prediction
Parkfield Earthquake Project 16:20 - 17:35 (01:15) / 1.7 MB "Evelyn Roeloffs", Parkfield, "Parkfield study goal", "earthquake prediction", fault
Structure of the San Andreas Fault 17:35 - 18:25 (00:50) / 1.9 MB Parkfield, "Tom Daley", "San Andreas Fault", "fault structure", "Vibra-seis truck", wave, energy, velocity, "subsurface structure", earthquake
Alignment Array Surveys 19:49 - 21:02 (01:13) / 2.0 MB "alignment array", "fault slip", "Robert O. Burford", "San Andreas Fault", "slip rate", "creep meter", fault, Parkfield
Mechanics of Faulting 21:02 - 22:04 (01:02) / 1.4 MB geodimeter, "Duane Hamann", laser, "creep meter", "alignment array", Parkfield
Deep Movements Along the Fault 22:04 - 22:22 (00:18) / 1.6 MB Parkfield, earthquake, groundwater, "San Andreas Fault", "creep meter", stress, fault
Foreshocks 22:22 - 23:17 (00:55) / 0.3 MB Parkfield, foreshock, earthquake
Monitoring Earthquakes 24:30 - 25:24 (00:54) / 1.8 MB "earthquake alert levels", "Menlo Park", USGS, "Cathleen Aviles", Parkfield, seismologists, "earthquake prediction"
Earthquake Prediction 25:24 - 26:29 (01:05) / 1.4 MB Parkfield, "earthquake prediction", California, "Menlo Park", USGS
Geology School Keywords
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