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Title Comment Keywords
UCMP Glossary n.a. / n.a. glossary, phylogenetics, geology, biochemistry, cell biology, ecology, life history, zoology, botany, paleogeography
Earth Revealed 26 half-hour programs / n.a. geology, earth science
What Geologists Do 02:06 - 02:51 (00:45) / 1.0 MB "James Sadd", geology
Our Curiosity of Nature 25:01 - 25:47 (00:46) / 0.6 MB nature, geology, origin, Earth, "James Sadd"
Plate Tectonics Revolution 25:06 - 25:47 (00:41) / 0.5 MB "Robert Douglas", "plate tectonics", Earth, geology, theory, "environmental system"
Conclusion 25:47 - 26:59 (01:12) / 0.8 MB "James Sadd", "sea floor spreading", "plate tectonics", "global model", "crustal dynamics", "Theory of Plate Tectonics", theory, geology, earthquake, volcanism, mountain, "ocean basin", plate, Earth, mechanism, mantle, geologist
Rock Deformation 01:29 - 01:49 (00:20) / 0.3 MB "James Sadd", "geologic structure", deformation, geology, resource
Importance of Geologic Structures 25:22 - 26:51 (01:29) / 1.8 MB geology, "James Sadd", "John McPhee", "Mount Everest", "marine limestone", structure, fold, fault, plate, "geologic hazard", resource, "structural geology"
geology n.a. / n.a. geology
James Hutton 04:24 - 05:12 (00:48) / 0.8 MB "James Hutton", "Walter E. Reed", geology, land, soil
Common Minerals 05:04 - 06:08 (01:04) / 1.3 MB mineral, quartz, orthoclase, olivine, plagioclase, "rock forming mineral", rock, geology
Geologic Site Investigation 19:39 - 20:52 (01:13) / 1.5 MB "Ann Meeker", "Schaeffer Dixon and Associates", "mass wasting", geology, construction, map, landslide, outcrop, bedding, dip, structure, fault, creep, slump, stability
Grand Canyon 01:22 - 02:31 (01:09) / 1.1 MB "James Sadd", "Grand Canyon", "John Wesley Powell", geology, "sedimentary rock", "Colorado River", landscape, "geologic time", "geologic history", "mineral composition", "grain size", "grain shape", structure, "rock color", climate, "vegetation pattern", shoreline, topography, "Earth's surface", sediment
Introduction to Metamorphic Rocks 00:40 - 01:17 (00:37) / 0.7 MB introduction, "James Sadd", mountain, humans, resource, geology
Geologic Exploration 12:49 - 13:50 (01:01) / 1.2 MB "John Everett", satellite, wavelength, technology, geologist, forester, climatologist, oceanographer, physicist, geology, exploration, oil, gas, groundwater, mineral
Geology School Keywords
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