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Title Comment Keywords
Differentiation 11:36 - 12:05 (00:29) / 0.9 MB "James Sadd", differentiation, volcano, earthquake, ocean, atmosphere, "magnetic field"
Earth's Interior 30 minutes / n.a. magnetism, "magnetic field", mantle, "seismic wave", ophiolite, "magnetic reversal", earthquake, "continental crust", geophysics, gravity
Geophysical methods 02:00 - 02:37 (00:37) / 0.5 MB geophysics, seismic, earthquake, temperature, "James Sadd", "magnetic field", magnetics, gravity, modeling
Source of the Earth's Magnetic Field 17:19 - 18:07 (00:48) / 0.9 MB magnetism, "James Sadd", "magnetic field"
Michael Faraday 18:45 - 19:38 (00:53) / 0.7 MB "Michael Faraday", magnetism, "electric current", "magnetic field"
Creating the Earth's Magnetic Field 19:38 - 20:30 (00:52) / 0.7 MB "Scott Bogue", "outer core", "magnetic field"
Auroras 20:30 - 21:33 (01:03) / 1.5 MB "solar wind", "solar flare", "magnetic field", aurora, "magnetic north pole", "magnetic south pole"
Magnetic Reversals 21:33 - 22:12 (00:39) / 0.6 MB "James Sadd", "magnetic field", "permanent magnetic field", magnetism
The Birth of a Theory 30 minutes / n.a. "Alfred Wegener", "plate tectonics", "mid-oceanic ridge", "continental drift", "sea floor spreading", mountain, continent, crust, paleomagnetism, "ocean basin", "magnetic field"
Paleomagnetism 13:54 - 14:36 (00:42) / 0.3 MB "Scott Bogue", paleomagnetism, "magnetic field", polarity
Magnetic Reversals 14:36 - 15:43 (01:07) / 0.8 MB "Scott Bogue", geologist, paleomagnetism, ocean, oceanographer, "lava flow", "Cambridge University", "Frederick Vine", "Drummand Matthews", intensity, "magnetic reversal", "sea floor", "magnetic field", polarity
Polarity In Rocks of the Same Age 15:43 - 16:52 (01:09) / 1.0 MB "Scott Bogue", paleomagnetism, "magnetic field", "magnetic reversal", USGS, polarity
Mirror Image of Magnetic Patterns 16:52 - 17:31 (00:39) / 0.4 MB "Frederick Vine", "Drummand Matthews", "magnetic reversal", "sea floor spreading", "magnetic field", polarity, "mid-oceanic ridge"
Scripp's Oceanographic Institution 17:31 - 18:24 (00:53) / 0.6 MB "Tanya L. Atwater", "Frederick Vine", "Drummand Matthews", "sea floor", "magnetic field", "mid-oceanic ridge", "Scripps Institution of Oceanography"
Convection in the Core 19:53 - 20:30 (00:37) / 0.3 MB "Don L. Anderson", convection, mantle, core, "Kormel Boundary", viscosity, "magnetic field"
Earthquake Prediction Techniques 17:47 - 18:51 (01:04) / 1.7 MB earthquake, "earthquake prediction", "Loma Prieta Earthquake", "magnetic field", groundwater, "crustal deformation"
Magnetic Properties of Volcanic Rocks 21:48 - 22:48 (01:00) / 1.5 MB "Thomas Redfield", magnetism, geophysicist, vent, "magnetic field", temperature, "proton precession magnetometer", "diurnal variation", Noverupta, iron, dome, volcano
Magnetics n.a. / n.a. magnetics, "magnetic field", gravity, gradiometer
Geology School Keywords
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