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(Updated 1/24/07)
     InfoBank, KnowledgeBank's field data catalog, is a structured information storage scheme of databases and software that provide organized access to USGS Coastal and Marine data and metadata.
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CMG regional Center maps and information about staff, facilities, labs, research libraries and archives. Atlas maps show data for geographic areas and information and data about specific types of data within the area: such as bathymetry, gravity, magnetics, samples, seismic. Information and data about specific data collection activities, such as: date, place, crew, equipment used, data collected, publications.
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The CMG Field Activity Collection System (FACS) can be used to aid in the collection of metadata about a field activity, such as: overviews, crew lists, equipment lists, and events. Data and metadata dictionaries of formats, naming conventions, and definitions of terminology as used within InfoBank. Related databases, validators, InfoBank programs, and other topics.

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