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This provides an Overview Log form and training about its use.
  • An Overview Log contains the "who, what, where, when, why" about a Field Activity.

  • An Overview Log is the most fundamental information about the field activity.
Overview Log

Prior to any field work, get an Activity ID from your FACS Coordinator.

Topic Information
USGS Activity ID J-1-95-SF
Other ID (if any)/BASIS project ID  
Organization(s) United States Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California
Project/Theme Near-bottom Particulate Transport in San Francisco Bay
Project Number 67011
Funding Joint funding agreement between USGS and MWRA
Contract none
Area of Operation San Francisco Bay
Principal Investigator(s) Dave Cacchione
Information Specialist(s) Joanne Thede Ferreira
Activity Type Deployment and Side scan
Scientific Purpose/Goals Deployment of geoprobe to gather time-series data on near-bottom sediment transport and tidal/wind-driven mixing . . .
Platform David Johnston
Owner US Coast Guard
Submersible none
Starting Date 02/28/1995
Starting Port/Location Name Redwood City, CA
Ending Date 03/01/1995
Ending Port/Location Name San Francisco, CA, Pier 35
Days at Sea 2
Equipment Used Side scan sonar, geoprobe, accoustic doppler current profilers . . .
Information to be Derived (e.g., Grain Size, Depth to Basement) Time-series data on near-bottom sediment transport and tidal/wind-driven mixing, effects of flow and bottom stresses on biological processes, grain size.
Station Count 2
Dive Count 0
Summary of Activity and Data Gathered Completed side-scan survey on a site about 1 km ne of the San Mateo Bridge within the main channel . . .
Notes (include staff, shop time, etc) Date of recovery unspecified

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