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What is a Record? (31 KB, .doc)

What are the A, B, C's of Record's Management?

A - Keep what must be kept
B - Shred what may be shredded
C - Understand the difference between A and B.

Employee Excuses for not doing Records Management:

Top 10 Reasons to not get Organized
  1. Hunting for important documents adds excitement to a boring schedule.
  2. Stacking papers on your desk protects it from ultraviolet radiation.
  3. Being as confused as everyone else helps you fit in.
  4. Moving piles of paper keeps you in shape.
  5. If you understood what you were doing, you would be terrified.
  6. Confusion brings out the best in you.
  7. Organization kills creativity.
  8. Shuffling papers prevents dust from piling up.
  9. Your coworkers will never find what they're seeking.
  10. Clutter magnifies your importance.

Records Management is:


Slogans on Records Management

Slogans on Archives

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