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Expanded Description
Topic Description
  Program to calculate Eotvos, course, speed, and distance.

  Enter input  file name:

    Program expects navigation input in standard format as follows:
      iyear, iday, ihour, imin, isec, itenths, xlat, xlong
      (i4, i3, 3i2, i1, 1x, f9.5, 1x, f10.5)
  Enter output file name:
    Program writes output in standard eotcssp format as follows:
      jyear, jday, jhour, jmin, jsec, jtenths, ylat, ylong, Eotvos(milligals),
      course(degrees), speed(knots), 
      distance(meters), cumulative distance(kilometers)
      (i4.4, i3.3, 3i2.2, i1.1, t12, f9.5, t22, f10.5, t33, f8.2,
      t42, f6.2, t49, f6.2, t55, f8.1, t63, f10.1)
  vescinit            (shared DAPS external routine)

  openem              (shared DAPS external routine)
  percentage          (shared DAPS external routine)
  forerror            (shared DAPS external routine)
  converttime         (shared DAPS external routine)
  getcourse           (shared DAPS external routine)
  getdistance         (shared DAPS external routine)
  getspeed            (shared DAPS external routine)
  geteotvos           (shared DAPS external routine)
  dble                (FORTRAN intrinsic function)  


  Clint Steele    12/15/83   .for

  Clint Steele    08/22/84   modified to handle time in tenths of a second
  E. Maple,       08/23/84   modified to read time in decimal minutes
    C.Steele,                  or tenths of a second
    B. Blubaugh
  E. Maple        02/11/85   modified to expect input and to
                               write output only in standard
                               format. Also restructured to make
                               MAT happy
  C.Steele        06/24/85   combined EOTCSSP2 and EOTCSSP into one program
  B. Blubaugh     10/02/85   deleted EOTCSSP2 from program as per C. Steele
  B. Blubaugh     03/11/85   corrected mean radius of earth constant
                               corrected degrees to radians conversion factor
                               adjusted rounding errors in Eotvos
                                 calculation to Oregon State U. 's
                                 Eotvos calculation
  Gary Deeter     04/14/86   The output format for distance in meters is 
                               changed to F8.2 to alleviate some overflow 
  Carolyn Degnan  04/23/86   Added distance output error handler for values
                               that exceed F8.2 to be written F8.1.
  Carolyn Degnan  01/04/89   Changed distm output to be (...,t55,f8.1).
  Clint Steele    03/17/93   Changed computations for distance, course, 
                               speed, Eotvos to shareable subroutines 
                               that accept lat/long or UTMs.
                             Changed computations from radians to degrees.
  Michael Hamer   07/06/95   Added cumulative distance (odometer)

      read (90, 4000, iostat = ierr) length, aline(1:length)
      read (aline, 400, iostat = ierr) 
     *     iyear, iday, ihour, imin, isec, itenths, xlat, xlong
          read (90, 410, end = 999, iostat = ierr)
     *         jyear, jday, jhour, jmin, jsec, jtenths, ylat, ylong
      write (91, 577)
              write (6, '(a,i4.4,i3.3,3i2.2,i1.1)')
     *            'Bad time found at ',
     *            jyear, jday, jhour, jmin, jsec, jtenths
          write (91, 500, iostat = ierr) 
     *                jyear, jday, jhour, jmin, jsec, jtenths, 
     *                ylat, ylong, Eotvos, Course, Speed, 
     *                Distance, CumDistance
      open (unit = 91,
     *      access = 'sequential',
     *      form = 'formatted',
     *      status = 'unknown',
     *      name = OutFile(1:InFileLength+8))
      call openem (1, 0)
      call stringlen (InFile, InFileLength)
          call forerror (ierr)
      call converttime ('COMPRESS', iday, ihour, imin, isec, 
     *                  itenths, ixtime, ErrorFlag)
              call forerror (ierr)
          call converttime ('COMPRESS', jday, jhour, jmin,  
     *                      jsec, jtenths, iytime, ErrorFlag)
          call getcourse   (dxlat, dxlong, dylat, dylong, Course)
          call getdistance (dxlat, dxlong, dylat, dylong, Distance)
          call getspeed (ixtime, iytime, Distance, Speed)
          call geteotvos (dylat, Course, Speed, Eotvos)
          call converttime ('EXPAND', jday, jhour, jmin, jsec, 
     *                jtenths, iytime, ErrorFlag)
              call forerror (ierr)

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