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Expanded Description
Topic Description
  Subroutine to display a summary of data and graph characteristics and allows 

  the user to modify certain ones. 
  Data: start/end time

        maximum/minimum data values
        number of records read from input file
  Display: y axis extent
           x axis extent
           number of time windows at current time span
           minimum visible timegap
           whether or not window fill is turned on
  Modifiable: yaxis extent
              xaxis extent
              minimum visible timegap
              turning on/off window fill
  call modify (time, icount, datamin, datamax, ymin, ymax, timespan, timegap,

               bdata, lfill, lbathydata)
    time - array of time as real tenths of a second read from input file
    icount - number of elements in the array
    datamin - current minimum value of the data
    datamax - current maximum value of the data
    ymin - current bottom value of the y axis
    ymax - current top value of the y axis
    timespan - width of the x axis in tenths of a second
    timegap - minimum visible time gap in tenths of a second
    bdata - data format given by the user
    lfill - toggle for filling/not filling current window with max/min of
            data displayed
    lbathydata - indicates that input data is bathymetry if true
    ymin, ymax, timespan, timegap, lfill are modifiable by the user
  Enter the number of the parameter you wish to modify or a carriage return

  when finished:
  if modifying the y axis extent then-
  You may change either
    1) the MINIMUM y parameter or
    2) the MAXIMUM y parameter
  Enter the number of the parameter you wish  to change:
  Enter a new minimum parameter:
  Enter a new maximum parameter:
  if modifying the time window span then-
  Enter the desired time window span in hours:
  if modifying the time gap then-
  Enter the desired minimum timegap to be displayed in seconds:
  There is no prompt for the window fill toggle (selection 4).
  Internal to GRAPHED: graphelpg

  External SHAREABLE: converttime, changecase
  Ed Maple  2/20/87

  second variable added to call for new getkey - CDegnan, 7/9/92

                          read (*, *, iostat = kerr) value
                          read (*, *, iostat = kerr) value
                  read (*, *, iostat = jerr) spantime
                  read (*, *, iostat = jerr) gaptime
              write (*, aformat) ' Data   ', -datamax, '  to ', -datamin
              write (*, aformat) ' Data   ', datamin, '  to ', datamax
              write (*, aformat) ' 1) Y Axis extent         ', -ymax,
     *                           ' to ', -ymin
              write (*, aformat) ' 1) Y Axis extent         ', ymin,
     *                           ' to ', ymax
      call specialmode ('TEXT')
      call converttime ('EXPAND', iday1, ihr1, imin1, isec1, iten1,
     *                  nint (time (1) ), timerror)
      call converttime ('EXPAND', iday2, ihr2, imin2, isec2, iten2,
     *                  nint (time (icount) ), timerror)
          call getkey (achoice, ichoice)
              call graphelpg ('M')
                  call getkey (bchoice, ichoice)
                              call getkey (cquit, ichoice)
                              call getkey (cquit, ichoice)
                      call getkey (cquit, ichoice)
                      call getkey (cquit, ichoice)

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