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USGS InfoBank program -- showsummary

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Expanded Description
Topic Description
  Subroutine to display a table showing data and display characteristics. 

  Data: start/end time

        maximum/minimum data values
        number of records read from input file
  Display: y axis extent
           x axis extent
           number of time windows at current time span
           minimum visible timegap
           whether or not window fill is turned on and if it is;
               the y axis extent of the current window
  call showsummary (time, icount, datamin, datamax, ymin, ymax, timespan,

                    timegap, bdata, lfill, ywindomin, ywindomax, lbathydata)
    time - array of time as real tenths of a second read from input file
    icount - number of elements in the array
    datamin - current minimum value of the data
    datamax - current maximum value of the data
    ymin - current bottom value of the y axis
    ymax - current top value of the y axis
    timespan - width of the x axis in tenths of a second
    timegap - minimum visible time gap in tenths of a second
    bdata - the format code for the data values given by the user
    lfill - logical indicates whether window fill is turned on
    ywindomin, ywindomax - max/min values for the current block of data
        being displayed if window fill is turned on
    lbathydata - indicates input data is bathymetry if true
  Internal to GRAPHED: graphelpg

  External SHAREABLE: converttime, changecase
  Ed Maple  2/20/87

      read (*, '(a1)' ) answer
          write (*, aformat) ' Data   ', -datamax, '  to ', -datamin
          write (*, aformat) ' Data   ', datamin, '  to ', datamax
          write (*, aformat) ' Y Axis extent         ', -ymax, ' to ',
     *                       -ymin
          write (*, aformat) ' Y Axis extent         ', ymin, ' to ',
     *                       ymax
              write (*, aformat) ' Y Axis extent for this window ',
     *                           -ywindomax, ' to ', -ywindomin
              write (*, aformat) ' Y Axis extent for this window ',
     *                           ywindomin, ' to ', ywindomax
      call specialmode ('TEXT')
      call converttime ('EXPAND', iday1, ihr1, imin1, isec1, iten1,
     *                  nint (time (1) ), timerror)
      call converttime ('EXPAND', iday2, ihr2, imin2, isec2, iten2,
     *                  nint (time (icount) ), timerror)
      call changecase ('CAPITAL', answer)

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