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Expanded Description
Topic Description
  Subroutine to display help information for NAVED.

  a = adjust trackline

  b = backup 1 window
  c = check critical
  d = delete 1 point
  e = exit
  f = first window
  g = display map grid
  h = help
  i = Background point time/info
  j = jump forward 1 window
  k = keep results
  l = lat/long value at nearest point
  m = redraw map
  n = display nav
  o = clear screen
  p = window by position
  q = (unused as command because has special "abort" meaning)
  r = replace
  s = summary report
  t = window by time
  u = undelete 1 point at a time
  v = Editable point time/info
  w = window w/ crosshairs
  x = execute system command
  y = set windowing mode
  z = connect groups
  ^ = lat/long value at crosshairs
  # = delete a window of data
  \ = delete multiple points
  * = undelete a window of data
  + = increment group tag value and tag a group
  - = decrement group tag value and tag a group
  = = set group tag value
  . = tag a group with current tag value
  @ = set group tag increment value
  | = divide a group
  ~ = show tagged/untagged groups
  1 = add a SINGLE point group
  2 = add a NEW group of points
  5 = close an existing boundary
  8 = window based on point count increments
  9 = window based on increments of time or lat/long (tiling)
  0 = window based on specific times or lat/longs (crosshairs)
  up arrow    = move one tile north
  down arrow  = move one tile south
  left arrow  = move one tile west
  right arrow = move one tile east
  Clint Steele        

  Clint Steele    5/12/92    updated option 9 help
  "a" = argument, "r" = referenced, "s" = set

  call help                             (with the following arguments)
         FileStatus                  [variable char*11 r]
  specialmode         (internal)                    

  getkey              (external DRS shareable)
  changecase          (external DRS shareable)
  index               (FORTRAN intrinsic function)  

  ichar               (FORTRAN intrinsic function)  
  char                (FORTRAN intrinsic function)  

      call specialmode ('TEXT')
      call anykey
      call getkey (HelpOption, KeyValue)
      call changecase ('CAPITAL', HelpOption)

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