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USGS InfoBank program -- mgd772daps

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Expanded Description
Topic Description
  Program to reformat an NGDC data file in the 120 column MGD77 format

  into the DAPS format with navigation, bathymetry, gravity,
  magnetics, and shot points.
  Input  file    = NGDC file

  Output file    = DAPS time/lat/lon/bat/grv/mag/shot file
  Enter name of input file:
  Enter name of output file:
  Please note that for all data fields, the decimal point is IMPLIED.

  The 120 MGD77 input format is:
  (  t1, i1,    3-identifier
     t2, a8,    cruise identifier
    t10, a1,    time zone correction sign
    t11, f4.2,  time zone correction (0000 = unspecified)
    t15, i2,    year
    t17, i2,    month
    t19, i2,    day
    t21, i2,    hour
    t23, f5.3,  minute
    t28, a1,    latitude sign
    t29, f7.5,  latitude (degrees)
    t36, a1,    longitude sign
    t37, f8.5,  longitude (degrees)
    t45, i1,    navigation type:
                1 = observed
                3 = interpolated
                9 = unspecified
    t46, f6.4,  2-way travel time (seconds; 999999 = unspecified)
    t52, f6.1,  corrected depth (meters; 999999 = unspecified)
    t58, i2,    bathymetry correction procedure:
                1-55 = Matthews area number; 
                  59 = unspecified Matthews area;
                  99 = unspecified
    t60, i1,    bathymetry type:
                 1 = observed
                 3 = interpolated
                 9 = unspecified
    t61, f6.1,  sensor 1 observed magnetics (nanoteslas)
    t67, f6.1,  sensor 2 (999999 = unspecified)
    t73, a1,    residual magnetics sign
    t74, f5.1,  residual magnetics (nanoteslas; 99999 = unspecified)
    t79, i1,    sensor used for residual magnetics
    t80, a1,    diurnal correction sign
    t81, f4.1,  diurnal correction
                (9999 = uncorrected total & residual magnetics)
    t85, a1,    sensor position sign:
                + = depth
                - = altitude
    t86, f5.0,  sensor position (meters; 00000 = unspecified)
    t91, f7.1,  observed gravity (milligals; 9999999 = unspecified)
    t98, a1,    eotvos correction sign
    t99, f5.1,  eotvos correction (milligals; 99999 = unspecified)
   t104, a1,    free-air anomaly sign
   t105, f4.1,  free-air anomaly (milligals; 9999 = unspecified)
   t109, i8,    shot point id number
   t117, i1,    gravity quality (9 = unspecified)
   t118, i1,    magnetics quality (9 = unspecified)
   t119, i1,    bathymetry quality (9 = unspecified)
   t120, i1)    navigation quality (9 = unspecified)
  The DAPS output format is:

  ( t1, i3,3,   DayOfYear
    t4, i2.2,   Hour
    t6, i2.2,   Minute
    t8, i2.2,   Second
   t10, i1.1,   Tenth
   t12, f9.5,   Latitude
   t22, f10.5,  Longitude
   t33, f7.4,   TravelTime
   t41, f7.1,   CorrectedDepth
   t49, f7.1,   Eotvos
   t57, f9.1,   ObservedGravity
   t67, f8.1,   FreeAir
   t76, f7.1,   ObservedMagnetics
   t84, f7.1,   ResidualMagnetics
   t92, a8)     ShotPointNumber
  openem    (external shareable)

  julianday (external shareable)
  forerror  (external shareable)
  Carolyn Degnan, 10/28/92

          read (InputUnit, 10, end = 900, iostat = ErrorFlag)
     *        Year, Month, Day, Hour, DecimalMinute,
     *        Latitude, Longitude,
     *        TravelTime, CorrectedDepth,
     *        ObservedMagnetics, ResidualMagnetics,
     *        ObservedGravity, Eotvos, FreeAir,
     *        Line, ShotPointNumber
              write (OutputUnit, 40)
     *            Year, DayOfYear, Hour, Minute, Second, Tenth,
     *            Latitude, Longitude,
     *            TravelTime, CorrectedDepth,
     *            Eotvos, ObservedGravity, FreeAir,
     *            ObservedMagnetics, ResidualMagnetics,
     *            Line, ShotPointNumber
      call openem (1, 1)
              call forerror (ErrorFlag)
              call julianday ('JULIAN', DayOfYear, Year, Month, Day)

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