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USGS InfoBank program -- deadreckon

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Expanded Description
Topic Description
  Subroutine to calculate a latitude and longitude given

  a distance and direction from a known latitude and longitude
  or from a known UTMy and UTMx.
  "a" = argument, "r" = referenced, "s" = set

  call deadreckon                       (with the following arguments)
         OldLatitude                 [variable r*8 r]
         OldLongitude                [variable r*8 r]
         Course                      [variable r*4 r]
         Distance                    [variable r*4 r]
         NewLatitude                 [variable r*8 s]
         NewLongitude                [variable r*8 s]
  where all variables are passed into subroutine...
      OldLatitude, OldLongitude = last known position 
           in decimal degrees or UTM's
      Course     = positive, clockwise degrees from north (0.0 --> 359.
      Distance   = distance in meters from old position
    passed out of subroutine...
      NewLatitude, NewLongitude = new position in decimal degrees
  dble                (FORTRAN intrinsic function)  

  dsind               (FORTRAN intrinsic function)  
  dcosd               (FORTRAN intrinsic function)  
  sngl                (FORTRAN intrinsic function)  
  geoutm      (External DAPS shareable subroutine)

  Although this program has been used by the U.S. Geological Survey,

  no warranty, expressed or implied, is made by the Survey as to the
  accuracy and functioning of the program and related program
  material nor shall the fact of distribution constitute any such
  warranty, and no responsibility is assured by the Survey in
  connection therewith.
  Clint Steele            6/23/88     

    modified from gridco by... 
       Paul Celluzzi           4/01/76     original GDCO and UTMCON
                                             IBM 370 under 360 O/S 
       Paul Celluzzi           6/01/77     conversion to Honeywell/Multics
       Clint Steele            1/31/84     conversion to VAX/VMS
       B. Blubaugh            11/04/85     rewrite output formats
       Clint Steele             3/23/92     added ability to input UTMs
       Michael Hamer            2/17/94    fixed positive long. utm zone calc.
       Michael Hamer            2/17/94    corrected azimuth calculation 
       Michael Hamer            8/11/97    made course and distance doubles
       Carolyn Degnan           9/23/04    Added implicit none.

              read (5, '(i)') Zone
          call geoutm
     *       ( 1, OldLatitude, OldLongitude, UTMX, UTMY, Zone)
          call geoutm
     *       (2, NewLatitude, NewLongitude, UTMX, UTMY, ZONE)

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