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ID Q-1-96-GB
Abstract Chief Scientist: Paul Carlson. Geological data (YoNav, mudseis, GPS, Kleinsidescan, 3dot5khz) of field activity Q-1-96-GB in Glacier Bay National Park from 08/02/1996 to 08/09/1996
Project/Theme National Seafloor Mapping and Benthic Habitat Studies
National Plan Environment (Fjord floor Habitats)
Chief Scientist Paul Carlson
Activity Type Geological
Platform Quillback
Area of Operation Glacier Bay National Park, Glacier Bay, AK
Bounding Coordinates
-136.22958    -135.86896
Dates 08/02/1996 (JD 215) to 08/09/1996 (JD 222)
Analog Materials list
Paul Carlson Chief Scientist, USGS Western Region
Terry Bruns Geophysicist, USGS Western Region
Jim Taggart Biology Team Leader, USGS BRD
Philip Hooge Biologist, USGS BRD
Dave Hogg Electrical Technician, USGS Western Region
John Gann Navigation, USGS Western Region
Jim De la Bruere Skipper, NPS
Equipment Used
Coop w/ NBS to determine the geological
characteristics of the fjord floor where NBS has been studying crab and
halibut distributions.
Information to be Derived
Character of fjord floor -- morphologic, sedimentologic,
stratigraphic, (depth to acoustic basement, isopachs of sedimentary
units, location of bedrock outcrops and large glacial erratics,
differentiating sand and mud substrates, identifying bedforms, etc).
Insonified fjord floor at 6 study sites in lower Glacier Bay (Bartlett
Cove, Berg Bay, Sitakaday Narrows, submerged ridge between Drake and Francis
Island, and 2 sites in the Beardsley Islands--1st north along Link Is., 2nd
south near Eider Is.).
REPORT FROM ALASKA  (from 8/30/96 WRUSGS Bulletin)
Dave Hogg, John Gann, Terry Bruns, and Paul Carlson joined forces
with our new siblings from National Biological Service (NBS) and our
cousins from the Park Service for a productive 10-day (8/1-10)
sidescan-sonar (SSS) survey in Glacier Bay, AK. We collected 500 kHz
SSS + 3.5 kHz profiler data in five portions of Glacier Bay National
Park. The areas insonified are Dungeness Crab and Halibut study
sites. We will provide seafloor habitat interpretations that the
biologists hope will explain distributions of those two commercial
resources. We were fortunate to be able to sample some of the very
tasty resources as well. In one study area, to the biologists' glee, we
obtained good imagery of a sunken skiff that the Skipper of the R/V
Quillback identified as "Tommy's boat," and we also saw a pile of
Tommy's crab pots a short distance away (overloading of pot +
choppy seas = sinking). Bruns even saw the sun one day and realized
his wish to see the eastern side of the Fairweather Range (beautiful view).
Carlson, P.R., Bruns, T.R., Evans, K.R., Gann, J.T., Hogg, D.J., Taggart,
S.J., and Hooge, P.N., 1998, Cruise Report of M/V Quillback in Glacier Bay,
Alaska: Physical Characteristics of dungeness Crab and Halibut Habitats, US
Geological Survey Open File Report 98-134, 50p.
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Q-1-96-GB location map of where navigation 

equipment operated
Q-1-96-GB location map of where navigation 

equipment operated

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