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USGS CMG R-1-94-GC Metadata

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ID R-1-94-GC
Abstract Chief Scientists: Roberto Anima, Mike Marlow. Data (mudseis, Kleinsidescan, Geopulse, underwatertelevision, bathymetry) of field activity R-1-94-GC in Colorado River from 04/19/1994 to 05/13/1994
Project/Theme Colorado River Sand Distribution Monitoring
National Plan Resource, environment
Chief Scientist Roberto Anima
Mike Marlow
Platform Raft
Area of Operation Colorado River, Grand Canyon
Bounding Coordinates
-115.75000    -110.25000
Dates 04/19/1994 (JD 109) to 05/13/1994 (JD 133)
Analog Materials list
Roberto Anima Chief Scientist, USGS Western Region
Mike Marlow Chief Scientist, USGS Western Region
Equipment Used
Four goals:
   1. Image the river bed to determine areas within the pools where sediment
      accumulation is taking place using side-scanning sonar;
   2. Image the thickness of the sediment accumulation over bedrock and talus;
   3. Gather underwater video of the sediment type and bedform type imaged with
      the side-scanning sonar as groundtruthing;
   4. Gather bathymetric profiling data to be used both for geophysical record
      interpretation and for mapping of the river bottom by personnel of Water
      Resources Division.
The cruise was a complete success. All sought after goals were met with 
excellent results from all systems used.
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Cruise Summary Notes (modified from 5/27/94 USGS Bulletin) Recently returning from the Colorado River, Roberto Anima, Mike Marlow, Dave Hogg, and Kaye Kinoshita report that wind, rain, hail, and heat, were encountered during an extremely successful geophysical data collection cruise. The team collected digitized high-resolution geophysics and side-scanning sonar; fathometer, and underwater video to measure the extent of sediment stored along fourteen reaches of the Colorado River corridor. The project is part of the Grand Canyon Environmental Study (GCES) that is investigating the effects of fluctuating river discharge (controlled by Glenn Canyon Dam) on the river's ecosystem. USGS's involvement is to look at the sediment supply along the corridor. The initial results of the survey revealed that approximately 3 to 9 meters of sediment cover bedrock or talus along many of the reaches, and that the amount of talus in the river, from the margins, greatly effects the amount of sediment cover. Dave Hogg, Fred Paine, Mike Boyle and the rest of the ET shop did an outstanding job of preparing all the electronics and boxing the equipment for the wet and bumpy conditions encountered in the rapids. Only two very minor wiring problems occurred during the 21 days of surveying.
Anima, Roberto J, Marlow, Michael S, Rubin, David M. Hogg, David J., 1998,
Comparison of sand distribution between April 1994 and June 1996 along six
reaches of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon, Arizona:
U.S. Geological Survey open-file report 98-141.
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