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Digital Data:
Global positioning system (GPS) data s-03-11-ca.061 5.0 Mb Provisional best file
 Sacramento River SWATH Bathymetry Survey (S-03-11-CA)
 SWATH Bathymetry Survey Control
 Survey control was established utilizing a single one-hour static GPS occupation on a pre-existing benchmark
 at the water pump station near the center of the study area. The occupation survey was conducted on 01/28/2011
 (JD 2011-028). The GPS data was sent to OPUS-R ( with the results shown below:
 OPUS output file: "opus-PUMP-2011-028"
  FILE: BPUMPA11.028 000201813
  6011   Warning -  OPUS-RS was able to find a set of reference stations
  6011   with data suitable for use with your dataset. However, your 
  6011   position does not fall within the polygon enclosing these reference
  6011   stations. This means that the geographic interpolation algorithms
  6011   performed within OPUS-RS must instead perform extrapolation.
  6011   Extrapolation, especially if your position is far from the 
  6011   reference stations, is prone to error. Use this solution with
  6011   caution.
         Your station is       8.2 KM outside the polygon enclosing the reference stations.
                               NGS OPUS-RS SOLUTION REPORT
       USER:                         DATE: January 30, 2011
 RINEX FILE: pump028u.11o                            TIME: 07:23:40 UTC
   SOFTWARE: rsgps  1.35.1 RS32.prl 1.66            START: 2011/01/28 20:52:49
  EPHEMERIS: igr16205.eph [rapid]                    STOP: 2011/01/28 22:00:35
   NAV FILE: brdc0280.11n                        OBS USED:  7641 /  8433   :  91%
   ANT NAME: ASH701975.01A                    QUALITY IND.  29.95/ 47.87
 ARP HEIGHT: 1.800                         NORMALIZED RMS:        0.306
  REF FRAME: NAD_83(CORS96)(EPOCH:2002.0000)            ITRF00 (EPOCH:2011.07642)
          X:     -2612656.425(m)   0.016(m)          -2612657.276(m)   0.016(m)
          Y:     -4237702.909(m)   0.017(m)          -4237701.565(m)   0.017(m)
          Z:      3973650.577(m)   0.017(m)           3973650.589(m)   0.017(m)
        LAT:   38 47  2.72072      0.005(m)        38 47  2.73519      0.005(m)
      E LON:  238 20 42.23351      0.011(m)       238 20 42.17427      0.011(m)
      W LON:  121 39 17.76649      0.011(m)       121 39 17.82573      0.011(m)
     EL HGT:          -17.002(m)   0.026(m)               -17.538(m)   0.026(m)
  ORTHO HGT:           13.358(m)   0.035(m) [NAVD88 (Computed using GEOID09)]
                          UTM (Zone 10)         SPC (0402 CA 2)
 Northing (Y) [meters]     4293676.217           624096.837
 Easting (X)  [meters]      616827.008          2029980.141
 Convergence  [degrees]     0.84262685           0.21755247
 Point Scale                0.99976807           0.99992836
 Combined Factor            0.99977074           0.99993103
                               BASE STATIONS USED
 PID       DESIGNATION                        LATITUDE    LONGITUDE DISTANCE(m)
 DG5210 PLSB WOODLAND COOP CORS ARP         N384106.128 W1214545.139   14437.7
 AF9711 SUTB SUTTER BUTTES CORS ARP         N391220.994 W1214914.100   48976.1
 DK3587 CHO5 CHICO 5 CORS ARP               N392557.483 W1213953.809   72004.7
 DK6396 P206 CRAZYCREEKCN2006 CORS ARP      N384640.123 W1223432.798   80019.1
 DG8210 P261 HUNTERHILLCN2004 CORS ARP      N380910.640 W1221303.086   85550.0
 DH7229 P198 PETALUMAIRCN2004 CORS ARP      N381535.528 W1223626.762  101417.1
 DK6402 P336 HUBBARDRDGCN2007 CORS ARP      N393141.072 W1222549.684  106375.6
 DH3879 P224 SIBLEYVOLCCN2005 CORS ARP      N375150.009 W1221308.558  113433.7
 DH9024 P225 CULLCANYONCN2005 CORS ARP      N374249.899 W1220329.923  123931.6
 AI5063      FREMONT                        N384552.894 W1213808.007    2736.8
 This position and the above vector components were computed without any 
 knowledge by the National Geodetic Survey regarding the equipment or 
 field operating procedures used.
 The solution determined by OPUS-R appears acceptable and well within SWATH survey requirements.
 The ITRF00 coordinates obtained from the OPUS solution were converted to the WGS84(G1150) reference
 frame/datum (epoch date: 1/1/2011) utilizing the software program "Blue Marble Geographic Desktop". The
 captured output from this conversion process is given below:
 workspace Coordinate Transformation Report
 2/1/2011 6:38:19 AM
 Blue Marble Desktop
 Blue Marble Geographics
 "Where GIS Data Conversion Solutions are Born"
 397 Water Street, Suite 100, Gardiner, Maine 04345 U.S.A.
 Sales: U.S. and Canada Only: 1-800-616-2725 All Other Countries: 001-207-582-6747 Fax: 1-207-582-7001
 Sales: Support:
 Datasource: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Blue Marble Geographics\Blue Marble Desktop\DataSource\geodata.xml
 Conversion -- 2/1/2011 6:40:08 AM
 Source Coordinate System
 Coordinate System: ITRF 00 Coordinate System
 Datum: ITRF 2000
 Date: 1/28/2011
 Ellipsoid: GRS 1980
    Semi-major axis(meters): 6378137.00000000
    Semi-minor axis(meters): 6356752.31414036
    Eccentricity: 0.08181919104281582
    Eccentricity Squared: 0.0066943800229007921
    Inverse Flattening: 298.257222101
    Inverse Flattening Definitive: True
 Vertical Reference: Ellipsoidal Height
 Datum Transformation:
       source_epoch: 2011.07671232877
       target_epoch: 2011.00273972603
 Target Coordinate System
 Coordinate System: WGS84_G1150 Coordinate System
 Datum: WGS_84(G1150)
 Date: 1/1/2011
 Ellipsoid: WGS 1984
    Semi-major axis(meters): 6378137.00000000
    Semi-minor axis(meters): 6356752.31424518
    Eccentricity: 0.08181919084262157
    Eccentricity Squared: 0.00669437999014133
    Inverse Flattening: 298.257223563
    Inverse Flattening Definitive: True
 Vertical Reference: Ellipsoidal Height
 Source Point Name: "PUMP-OPUS-2011-028"
 Geodetic latitude (Degree): N38 47 02.73519
 Geodetic longitude (Degree): W121 39 17.82573
 Height (Meter): -17.538
 Orthometric Height Scale: 01.000002757345513
 Source Lat/Lon
 Latitude (Degrees) N38 47 02.73519
 Longitude (Degrees) W121 39 17.82573
 Height (Meters) -17.538
 Target Lat/Lon
 Latitude (Degrees) N38 47 02.73520
 Longitude (Degrees) W121 39 17.82566
 Height (Meters) -17.538
 Target Point Name: "PUMP-OPUS-2011-028"
 Geodetic latitude (Degree): N38 47 02.73520
 Geodetic longitude (Degree): W121 39 17.82566
 Height (Meter): -17.538
 Orthometric Height Scale: 01.000002757338511
 In summary, the following coordinates were entered into the RTK GPS base station:
 Station Name: "PUMP"
 Reference Frame: WGS84(G1150)
 Epoch Date: 2011.00273972603 (1/1/2011)
 Geodetic latitude (Degree): N38 47' 02.73520"
 Geodetic longitude (Degree): W121 39' 17.82566"
 Ellipsoid Height (Meter): -17.538m
No analog holdings.

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S0311CA map of where navigation equipment operated

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