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USGS CMG SUNC01010 Metadata

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ID SUNC01010
Also Known As 01010
Abstract University of South Florida,University of North Carolina Wilmington,United States Geological Survey, Woods Hole, Massachusetts,United States Geological Survey, St. Petersburg, Florida,National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,Florida Institute of Oceanography. Chief Scientist: Bob Halley. Geophysical data (sidescansonar, submersible, underwatertelevision, boomer, GPS, multibeam, CTDmeter) of field activity SUNC01010 (S-1-01-GM) in West Florida Shelf, Southeastern Gulf of Mexico - Pulley Ridge from 09/05/2001 to 09/12/2001
Organization University of South Florida
University of North Carolina Wilmington
United States Geological Survey, Woods Hole, Massachusetts
United States Geological Survey, St. Petersburg, Florida
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Florida Institute of Oceanography
Project/Theme Coral Reef Cooperative
Chief Scientist Bob Halley
Activity Type Geophysical
Platform Suncoaster
Area of Operation West Florida Shelf, Southeastern Gulf of Mexico - Pulley Ridge, Gulf of Mexico
Bounding Coordinates
-83.80000     -83.60000
Ports leave Bayboro Harbor, FIO Dock, St. Petersburg, FL
arrive Bayboro Harbor, FIO Dock, St. Petersburg, FL
Dates 09/05/2001 (JD 248) to 09/12/2001 (JD 255)
Analog Materials No analog holdings.
Information Specialist
Katie Ciembronowicz, USGS- St. Pete
Dave Twichell, USGS-Woods Hole
Bob Halley Chief Scientist, USGS St. Petersburg
Al Hine Co-Chief, Univ. of South Florida
David Naar Multibeam Specialist, Univ. of South Florida
Kate Ciembronowicz Facs Curator, Watch Stander, Deck Hand, USGS St. Petersburg
Glenn Taylor Rov Operator, NOAA-NURC
Brett Jarrett Geologist, PhD Candidate, Univ. of South Florida
Dave Twichell Side Scan Specialist, USGS Woods Hole
Chuck Worley Side Scan Technician, USGS Woods Hole
Erika Hammar-Klose Side Scan Processor, USGS Woods Hole
Stan Locker Seismic Reflection Specialist, Univ. of South Florida
Eugene Longo Captain, Florida Institute of Oceanography
Guy Grant First Mate, Florida Institute of Oceanography
John Andries Chief Engineer, Deck Hand, Florida Institute of Oceanography
Timothy Elliot Assistant Engineer, Deck Hand, Florida Institute of Oceanography
Patrick Foster Cook and Steward, Florida Institute of Oceanography
Equipment Used
Use geophysical methods to map spatial extent
of Southern Pulley Ridge, a deep water reef complex.
use ROV to video modern reef,
determine composition of benthic biota and collect rock  samples.
Fill in remaining data for Brett Jarrett's dissertation.
Information to be Derived
Geophysical mosaics, ROV video and rock samples.
         Data will be archived on exabyte tapes and CD-ROM
42 coinciding lines of side scan, seismic and mulitbeam bathymetry
were collected in three target area.
43 additional lines of just mulitbeam bathymetry were collected
in the same three target areas and in transit.
there were 8 ROV dives in depth from 70 to 178 meters recording onto digital 
7 CTD cast were collected and included light penetration data.
Cruise ended early on account of World Trade Center terrorism and depression 
forming in the area. Sampling portion was not completed.
Hammar-Klose, E.S., Twichell, D.C., and Worley, C.R., 2003, Archive of
sidescan-sonar data and DGPS navigation data, collected during USGS cruise
SUNC01010, Pulley Ridge, Gulf of Mexico, 05 September - 12 September 2001:
U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 02-155 (DVD-ROM).
Got Help? For SUNC01010, we would appreciate any information on -- analog materials, contract, days at sea, dive count, funding, kms of navigation, national plan, NGDC Info, owner, project number, scanned materials, seismic description, station count, station description, submersible, tabulated info.
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SUNC01010 location map of where navigation 

equipment operated
SUNC01010 location map of where navigation 

equipment operated

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