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USGS CMG S-6-77-BS Metadata

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ID S-6-77-BS
Abstract Chief Scientists: Jim Gardner, Tracy Vallier. Geological and Geophysical data (integratednavigation, LoranC, transitsatellite, dopplersonar, 3dot5khz, 12khz, magnetics, airgun, minisparker, airgunarcer, uniboom, underwatertelevision, currentmeter, CTDmeter, tempsalinometer, gravitycore, pistoncore, chaindredge, VanVeengrab, Niskenbottle, VanDornbottle, Digitrack, underwatercamera, sidescansonar, Hydroproducts, expendablebatthermograph, transmissometer) of field activity S-6-77-BS in Bering Sea, Alaska from 08/06/1977 to 09/10/1977
Chief Scientist Jim Gardner
Tracy Vallier
Activity Type Geological and Geophysical
Platform Sea Sounder
Area of Operation Bering Sea, Alaska, Bering Sea
Bounding Coordinates
-172.88066    -151.25893
Ports leave Dutch Harbor, AK
arrive Dutch Harbor, AK
leave Dutch Harbor, AK, Test CR
arrive Dutch Harbor, AK
leave Dutch Harbor, AK
arrive Kodiak, AK
Dates 08/06/1977 (JD 218) to 09/10/1977 (JD 253)
Analog Materials list
Al McClenaghan Ship Captain, USGS Western Region
Alexis Budai Geologist, Scripps
Bob Patrick Electronics Technician, USGS Western Region
Curley Winebrenner Mechanical Technician
Dave Klise Geologist, USGS Western Region
Don Reed Geologist, USGS Western Region
Edith Stanley Geologist, UC Davis
George Redden Geochemist, USGS Western Region
Gordon Hess Geologist, USGS Western Region
Howard Sheppard Chief Engineer
Helen Gibbons Navigator, USGS Western Region
Herman Karl Geologist, USGS Western Region
Jim Gardner Chief Scientist, USGS Western Region
John Cudnohufsky Biologist
John Saladin Electronics Technician, USGS Western Region
Keith Kvenvolden Geochemist, USGS Western Region
Margaret Goud Geologist, USGS Western Region
Mike Underwood Geologist, USGS Western Region
Neal Barnes Geologist, USGS Western Region
Ornulf Johannessen Chief Mate
Rich Garlow Navigator, USGS Western Region
Roland Brady Geologist
Steve Lewis Geologist, USGS Western Region
Tom Frost Geologist
Tom Hartman Mechanical Technician
Tracy Vallier Chief Scientist, USGS Western Region
Walter Dean Geologist
Equipment Used
NGDC Overview
! Converted to time format with year at start.

MCG Data Collection ID ---         S677BS
Institution Data Collection ID --- S677BS
NGDC ID ---                        06110004
Funding ---                        (unspecified)
Project, Cruise & Leg ---          Jim Gardner
Study region ---                   +58.00000,+53.00000,-173.00000,-151.00000
Chief Scientist(s) ---             Tracy Vallier
Name of vessel ---                 Sea Sounder (surface ship)
Date field data collection started --- 08/06/77     LV DUTCH HARBOR, AK
Date field data collection ended ---   09/10/77     AR KODIAK, AK
Parameters surveyed ---
   Bathymetry:                     surveyed, contained in data file
   Magnetics:                      surveyed, contained in data file
   Gravity:                        surveyed, contained in data file
   High-resolution seismics:       (unspecified)
   Deep penetration seismics:      (unspecified)
Format --- 

Date of data input to NGDC ---     05/21/87
Contributing institution ---       USGS Branch of Pacific Marine Geology
Country ---                        United States

Navigation instrumentation ---     SHIPBOARD INTEGRATED NAV LORAN C MARCONI
Position determination method ---   SATTELITE NAVIG. DOPPLER SONAR

Bathymetry instrumentation ---            3.5 KHZ BATHYMETRY 12 KHZ BATHYMETRY
Additional forms of bathymetric data ---  (unspecified)
General rate of bathymetry in file ---    2.3 minutes
General collection rate of bathymetry --- (unspecified)
Assumed sound velocity ---                (unspecified)
Bathymetric datum code ---                No correction applied (sea level)
Bathmetry interpolation scheme ---        (unspecified)

Magnetics instrumentation ---            MAGNETOMETER (SHIPBOARD)
Additional forms of magnetics data ---   (unspecified)
General rate of magnetics in file ---    1.3 minutes
General collection rate of magnetics --- (unspecified)
Magnetic sensor tow distance ---         (unspecified)
Magnetic sensor depth ---                (unspecified)
Two sensor horizontal separation ---     (unspecified)
Residual magnetics reference field ---   (unspecified)
Method of applying residual field ---    (unspecified)

Gravity instrumentation ---            (unspecified)
Additional forms of gravity data ---   (unspecified)
General rate of gravity in file ---    1.4 minutes
General collection rate of gravity --- (unspecified)
Theoretical gravity formula ---        (unspecified)
Reference system ---                   (unspecified)
Corrections applied ---                (unspecified)
Starting land tie ---                  (unspecified)
Ending land tie   ---                  (unspecified)

Seismic instrumentation --- 160 KJ SPARKER
Formats of seismic data --- (unspecified)
Gardner, J.V. and Vallier, T.L., 1978, Underway seismic data collected on
U.S.G.S. cruise S6-77, southeastern Bering Sea, U.S. Geological Survey
Open-File Report 78-322, 5 p., 1 sheet. URL:
Additional publication information at:

Cooper, A.K., Scholl, D.W., Marlow, M.S., Childs, J.R., Redden, G.P., and 
Kvenvolden, K.A., 1978, The Aleutian Basin, Bering Sea; a frontier area for 
hydrocarbon exploration: Offshore Technology Conference Proceedings, no. 10, v. 
1, p. 353-362.

Gardner, J.V., Vallier, T.L., Dean, W.E., Kvenvolden, K.A., and Redden, G.D., 
1979, Sedimentology and geochemistry of surface sediments and the distribution 
of faults and potentially unstable sediments, St. George Basin region of the 
outer continental shelf, southern Bering Sea: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File 
Report 79-1562, 88 p. URL:

Lee-Wong, F., Vallier, T.L., Hopkins, D.M., and Silberman, M.L., 1979, 
Preliminary report on the petrography and geochemistry of basalt from the 
Pribilof Islands and vicinity, southern Bering Sea: U.S. Geological Survey 
Open-File Report 79-1556, 53 p. URL:

Cooper, A.K., Scholl, D.W., Marlow, M.S., Childs, J.R., Redden, G.D., 
Kvenvolden, K.A., and Stevenson, A.J., 1979, Hydrocarbon potential of Aleutian 
Basin, Bering Sea: American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin, v. 61, 
no. 11, pt. 1, p. 2070-2087.

Lee-Wong, F., and Vallier, T.L., 1979, Petrology of alkali basalt from the 
Pribilof Islands region, southern Bering Sea: American Geophysical Union Eos, 
Transactions, v. 60, no. 46, p. 972.

Kvenvolden, K.A., and Redden, G.D., 1980, Hydrocarbon gas in sediment from the 
shelf, slope, and basin of the Bering Sea: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, v. 
44, no. 8, p. 1145-1150.

Wong, F.L., Vallier, T.L., Underwood, M.B., Gardner, J.V., and Jones, D.L., 
1980, Petrology of rocks from the Pribilof Islands region, southern Bering Sea 
shelf: U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1175, p. 162-163.

Kvenvolden, K.A., Vogel, T.M., and Gardner, J.V., 1981, Geochemical prospecting 
for hydrocarbons in the outer continental shelf, southern Bering Sea, Alaska:
Journal of Geochemical Exploration, v. 14, no. 2-3, p. 209-219.
Got Help? For S-6-77-BS, we would appreciate any information on -- contract, days at sea, dive count, funding, information specialist, information to be derived, kms of navigation, national plan, notes, organization, owner, project, project number, purpose, scanned materials, seismic description, station count, station description, submersible, summary, tabulated info.
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S-6-77-BS location map of where navigation 

equipment operated
S-6-77-BS location map of where navigation 

equipment operated

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