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USGS CMG T-1-96-NC Metadata

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ID T-1-96-NC
Also Known As TN062
Abstract Chief Scientist: Homa Lee. Mooring Redeployment and Sampling data (boxcore, pistoncore, CTDmeter, multibeam) of field activity T-1-96-NC in Eel River Margin, Northern California from 07/13/1996 to 07/18/1996
Project/Theme Strata Formations on Margins (Strataform)
Chief Scientist Homa Lee
Activity Type Mooring Redeployment and Sampling
Platform Thomas G. Thompson
Area of Operation Eel River Margin, Northern California, Northern California
Bounding Coordinates
-124.58655    -124.35742
Dates 07/13/1996 (JD 195) to 07/18/1996 (JD 200)
Analog Materials list
Scanned Materials T196NC_subsample_req log (pdf)
Information Specialist
Ken Israel, Multi-sensor Whole Core Logger And Box Core Subsampler
Homa Lee Chief Scientist, USGS Western Region
Equipment Used
STRATA FORmation on Margins (STRATAFORM)
was initiated in 1994 by the Office of Naval Research as a coordinated
multi-investigator study of continental-margin sediment transport
processes and stratigraphy. The program is investigating the stratigraphic
signature of the shelf and slope portions of continental margins, and
hopes to provide better understanding of the sedimentary record and
better prediction of strata.
Information to be Derived
cores were analyzed using a multi-sensor core logger, yielding P-wave velocity, 
wet bulk density, and magnetic susceptibility data. Atlas Hydrosweep
multibeam echosounder bathymetric data, gridded at 2.16" (~60m) resolution.
This system is designed for surveys in continental shelf areas down to depths
of 4000 m with a swath width of up to 6 times the water depth, with an operating
frequency of kHz. It provides 160 beams.
20 box cores, 12 piston cores, and 3 Kasten cores, along with 4 CTD
From Western Region Marine and Coastal Surveys Bulletin, July 12,

   Ken Israel and Homa Lee are aboard the new (and big!!!) R/V Thomas Thompson
on our way from San Diego to the STRATAFORM area on the Eel River Margin and
then on to Eureka. Our plans are to take box and piston cores on the slope in an
area that has been described as a giant submarine slump (Humboldt Slump). Last
summer a beautiful swath-bathymetry map of the area was produced, and ever since
we have been trying to explain all the features we observe on the map. We hope
the coring will help.
   There are more ex-USGS employees on the cruise than present ones. Mark Holmes
and Byron Ruple are aboard, and the ship's master is Captain Al.
   The weather is good and the whales are out. -- Homa Lee and Ken Israel

   From Western Region Marine and Coastal Surveys Bulletin, July 26, 1996...

   We have just finished 4 days of intense box and piston coring in the
STRATAFORM area off Eureka. We obtained 12 piston cores, each of which is about
7 m long. We also obtained 21 box cores, one at each of the piston stations plus
a few more. We are finding some turbidites and lots of gas in some of the piston
   Mark Holmes has been a tremendous help to us. Food is good and the Thompson
rides great.
   We are doing a one-day Hydrosweep survey of the deeper areas west of the
STRATAFORM area today, and we go to Eureka to unload tomorrow.
   Cheers, Homa Lee and Ken Israel
Minasian, Diane L., Lee, Homa J., Locat, Jaques, Orzech, Kevin M., Martz,
Gregory R., and Israel, Kenneth, 2001, The STRATAFORM Project: U.S. Geological
Survey Geotechnical Studies: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 01-190:

Mayer, Larry, Fonseca, Luciano, Pacheco, Miguel, Galway, Sean, Vicente Martinez, Jose, Hou, Tianhang, Orange, Dan, Gulick, Sean, Yun, Janet, Gardner, James V., Dartnell, Pete, Lee, Homa, and Cutter, Randy, 200?, The STRATAFORM GIS: University of New Brunswick, Office of Naval Research.
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T-1-96-NC location map of where navigation 

equipment operated
T-1-96-NC location map of where navigation 

equipment operated

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