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Fate of Dredge Disposal Material and Polluted Sediment, Offshore Honolulu, Hawaii

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Arc/Info Data Layers For Offshore Honolulu

Layer Metadata Image Data File
Coastline: Mamala Bay, Honolulu Readme Bathymetric contours coast.e00.gz(82k)
Bathymetric contours Readme bathy10c.e00.gz(3,222k)
Bathymetry: gridded data Readme Bathymetric grid bathyg.e00.gz(3,996k)
Disposal areas Readme disparea.e00.gz(4k)
Sewage outfall pipes Readme outfalls.e00.gz(1k)
1993 Tracklines Readme 1993 Tracklines k193trks.e00.gz(164k)
1994 Tracklines Readme 1994 Tracklines k194trks.e00.gz(98k)
1993 Sidescan sonar mosaic: image Readme sidescan sonarmosaic mosaic.tar.gz(5,967k)
1993 Sidescan sonar mosaic: grid Readme mosaicg.e00.gz(10,564k)
1994 Sample stations Readme 1994 cores k294cores.e00.gz(4k)
1995 Sample stations Readme 1995 cores k195cores.e00.gz(2k)
1996 Instrument mooring Readme Bathymetric grid mooring96.e00.gz(1k)

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