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Mapping Systems

Surficial and Sub-bottom Systems:
Seismic Reflection Systems

A diverse array of seismic-reflection systems enables flexibility to address a wide-range of scientific objectives.

Explore the National Archive of Marine Seismic Surveys (NAMSS). NAMSS is a marine seismic reflection profile data archive consisting of data acquired by or contributed to U.S. Department of the Interior agencies. The USGS is committed to safekeeping this data on behalf of the academic community and the nation. These data are provided with free and open access.

Also, watch a video that discusses our use of a multichannel seismic reflection system in the Artic: "U.S. - Canada Arctic Expedition Surveying the Extended Continental Shelf."

Our project titled, "U.S. West Coast and Alaska Marine Geohazards" is collecting seismic reflection data in order to study in order to reveal and assess the vulnerability of U.S. coasts to such natural disasters.

High Resolution, Shallow Penetration Systems

Edgetech chirp
Edgetech (chirp)
0.5 - 12 kHz
High-resolution Chirp
Example of a high-resolution chirp image
Edgetech chirp
Edgetech (chirp)
4 - 24 kHz
Huntec Boomer Sled
300 Hz - 3 kHz
50 Hz - 4 kHz

Lower Resolution, Deep Penetration Systems

water gun
Water Gun
20 - 1500 Hz

Example of a multichannel seismic image


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