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General Information

Data Type

3D Multichannel Seismic

Data Acquisition System

Airgun and Streamer


Bureau of Ocean Energy Management


Started on July 14, 1994, and ended on July 14, 1994.


These data were acquired by BOEM (formerly MMS and USGS). Under the terms of procurement, these data are to be available to the public 25 years after the issuance of the exploration permit.


These data were acquired commercially for geophysical and geological (G&G) exploration of oil and gas prospects on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). The Dept. of Interior, which regulates G&G activities on the OCS, acquired these data in order to ensure that the Federal government received fair market value for leases issued for oil and gas production on the OCS, and to accomplish other regulatory functions.


MCS Data transferred from BOEM to USGS for posting on NAMSS. Limited information available.

Other Survey Identifiers

G3D201907-11 was used by Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

L94-051 was used by Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

Geographic Features

Gulf of Mexico

Dataset Information

Processed Methods

Seismic Reflection

Processed Data Classes

3D Migration

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Data Class


Seismic Data Provenances

Digitally Acquired Digital SEG

Data Media


Navigation Information


North American Datum 1927 (NAD27)


Area covered:   922 square kilometers