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These are the featured images from news and articles about our Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center. For the full “scoop”, please click the image.

December 2018

A portrait of a smiling woman on the left, and the cover of a scientific magazine on right featuring a photo of a rocky river gorge, and both images are on top of another scenic river photo.

USGS scientist selected as next editor-in-chief of AGU’s Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface

Underwater photo of a rocky outcrop covered with multicolored deep-sea corals and sponges.

Research cruise surveys deep-water coral, sponge, and fish habitats off U.S. West Coast

November 2018

Underwater photoraph of a coral reef with a small instrument attached to it with a long rope floating in the water column.

Using video imagery and wave measurements to study flood hazards in San Juan, Puerto Rico

People stand around a table listening thoughfully, while one man talks.

City of Santa Cruz staff briefed on USGS science activities

A man walks on low sand dunes, wearing a backpack and carrying a handheld computer, near a river and with smokestacks in the far background.

Beach surveys to monitor change along northern Monterey Bay

October 2018

A large ship with huge platform and a drilling rig tower sit in quiet waters near a harbor pilot boat.

USGS scientists provide input for workshop on scientific drilling targets in the north Pacific Ocean

Two photos are from on board a boat with men deploying and recovering instrumentation from the water.

Large underwater experiment in California’s Monterey Canyon shows that “turbidity currents” are not just currents, but involve movement of the seafloor itself

September 2018

A man wearing a hard hat and waders sits on an all-terrain vehicle equipped with instruments that collect data.

USGS surveys the southern Monterey Bay coast to study changing beaches

A man on the left stands looking and listening to a woman speaking, she is on the right and standing next to another woman, and there are maps and posters all over the table between them.

Congressman Jimmy Panetta visits USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center

Map shows part of an island with small blocks drawn on top to indicate varying levels of flooding zones.

USGS coastal flood maps assist emergency planning for Hurricane Lane

Underwater photo of a sandy and rocky reef environment with a tray of equipment held down on the rocky area with weights and cinderblocks.

Hurricane Maria’s impacts on deep-water coral reefs off Puerto Rico

Collage shows different views from and within a research vessel.

USGS-NOAA cruise maps Cascadia subduction zone to assess earthquake hazards

Two maps showing the difference in water height in a harbor during two time periods, placed on a photo of two women standing near JPL banner.

USGS and NASA researchers meet to discuss Synthetic Aperture Radar for assessing USGS coastal-flooding projections

Graphic with lettering, a cartoon map of California, and symbols near the map, all set on a photo of Yosemite with a setting sun.

USGS provides critical science to support California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment

Seven people wearing wetsuits or hip waders and surf shoes stand sideways together, smiling, holding handheld computers and carrying backpacks filled with equipment.

Synchronized mappers: September's featured photo

August 2018

Three men dressed in formal wear smile for the camera, with two flags standing behind them, and one man holds a glass award.

USGS 2017 Excellence in Leadership Award Honors Scientists Who Assess Coastal Flooding Threats

Small gathering of people sitting in chairs and at tables in a multi-purpose room, with one person showing slides at the front of the room.

New instruments installed to measure Arctic coastal erosion

July 2018

Looking at an angle at a coastal cliff region with a newly cut road running across it.

Time-lapse view of California Highway 1 reconstruction after 2017 landslide

High coastal bluff with an apartment building perched on top near the edge of the cliff and what looks like posts of an old fence or pier in the water.

Southern California coastal cliffs could retreat 135 feet in 80 years as erosion rates potentially double

View from the sky looking down on the land in shades of gray and a river with its depth represented in different colors.

The Long and Winding... River

June 2018

Amy East sits in a forested area wearing field gear talking to an unseen interviewer.

Amy East elected GSA Fellow for insights into landscape response to changes in sediment supply

May 2018

Bald eagle sits atop a leafless tree, overlooking a marshy inlet with farmland in the distance.

I spy with my little (eagle-) eye . . .

In a room with various charts and posters on the walls, people stand facing a man who is holding an object and talking.

Mensa tour of Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center

On a high coastal cliff, a video camera is mounted on a pole and secured to a tree, and down below it's low tide.

Video cameras monitor coastal change on Whidbey Island, Washington

Aerial photo looking at the mouth of a river with sand bars, land surrounding the river is covered with trees and other vegetation.

USGS partnership with Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe featured in new fact sheet on Elwha River dam removals

A map with shaded imagery to show the seafloor and land features with offshore landslide areas drawn in.

Most-cited award for special issue of Marine Geology

Men and women posing together in front of a building entrance, everyone is smiling for the camera.

USGS scientist visits Korea Institute of Geology and Mineral Industries

Photo from the air, showing some low-profile islands with visible sand, vegetation, and coral reefs; under the photo are large, bold letters, words written in hungarian.

Media coverage of threat to atoll islands from rising seas and wave-driven flooding

April 2018

Cartoons showing ocean wave scenarios and what would happen to groundwater given rising sea level conditions.

Saltwater contamination of freshwater resources could make many atoll islands uninhabitable in decades

Photo from flyer.

Public lecture on coral reefs as coastal protection

Collage of two photographs, one with man stands gesturing to two other people, and one with a woman smiling and holding survey equipment on a beach.

USGS 2017 Excellence in Leadership Award honors scientists who assess coastal flooding threats

Screenshot from interactive documentary shows two broken ship hulls in shallow water with people on them.

Documentary about sea-level rise threatening the Republic of the Marshall Islands features USGS findings

Beach with large rock rip-rap lining the bluff near homes, sand has footprints going to and fro.

USGS beach and nearshore surveys in the media

Large auditorium with chairs and tables set up in semi-circular fashion with some people sitting.

USGS oceanographer is part of U.S. delegation to International Seabed Authority

March 2018

A man is leaning over and is scooping soil from a wildfire-charred hillslope and placing it in a sample bag.

Tracking the movement of sediment and contaminants from northern California wildfire areas to San Francisco Bay

In two photos side-by-side, left photo is of 4 men standing on ship deck near the winch shack, and right is two women standing on ship deck holding rock samples. Everyone is wearing protective gear.

Collecting clues to the geologic history and mineral resources of the Rio Grande Rise, southwest Atlantic Ocean

Man sits on a personal water craft floating idle in the water, he is wearing safety equipment and water craft is equipped with gear.

Beach surveys planned near deadly California debris flows

People stand along a wall, close together, posing for the camera with smiles on their faces.

USGS and NASA hold collaborative methane workshop


Visiting scientist from Japan assisting shoreline-change studies in California

Four scientists stand around a table in a lab with gray sediment core samples on the table, and they are examining the sediment.

Laboratory collaboration to study earthquake hazards off southeast Alaska and western Canada

Photograph of Andrew.

Fulbright Scholar Joins Coral Reef Project at Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center

February 2018

Waves from the ocean wash over a road on an island, part of an atoll in the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Missile Tracking Site Could Be Unusable in 20 Years Due to Climate Change

Map of Alaska and the surrounding ocean shows the terrain and ocean floor in relief, with a star south of the land in the ocean indicating the location of the epicenter of an earthquake that happened January 23, 2018.

USGS fields tsunami questions after earthquake off Kodiak, Alaska

Photo looking down on the rocky coastline of Oregon from high up on a cliff, with breaking ocean waves on rocks.

Workshops on subduction-zone science to reduce risk for communities

Screenshot from an animation of a meteotsunami that shows the east coast of the United States with waves radiating out into the Atlantic Ocean.

False-alarm tsunami alerts across the U.S. East Coast, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean prompt calls to USGS

Cover art from the February 2018 issue of Eos magazine.

USGS research featured on the cover of Eos

Participants of workshop, about 30 adults, standing in two rows against a tropical backdrop.

International workshop on “Understanding Flooding on Reef-lined Island Coastlines”

3-D computer image shows the seafloor has lots of grooves, in the Pacific Ocean south of Costa Rica.

Giant grooves discovered on an earthquake fault offshore Costa Rica

Two photographs at Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, top-most showing normal high tide on January 6, 2017, and bottom-most showing king high tide on February 10, 2017.

USGS 360-degree videos of king tides show how rising seas will transform California beaches in the future

Photograph of sand.

USGS participates in workshop on restoring Monterey Bay sand-mining site

January 2018

Rob Wyland guides students through the USGS Marine Facility, where engineers and technicians design, fabricate, and maintain equipment for field research.

Elementary school students visit USGS office in Santa Cruz

Screenshot from Our Coast, Our Future shows a map of the projection of future coastal flooding by the USGS-developed Coastal Storm Modeling System for Pacifica, California.

USGS scientist explains how king tides provide a glimpse of future sea levels

Photograph of the coastline of Roi-Namur Island on March 2, 2014 showing waves overtopping the beach and roadway.

USGS coastal-flooding projections inform national defense authorization act

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