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2011 PCMSC News

December 2011

Sound Waves articles from Nov/Dec 2011 issue:

Elwha Dam Removal Begins—Long-Planned Project Will Restore Ecosystem, Salmon Runs

Also visit our web site "USGS Science to Support the Elwha River Restoration Project"

Bob Rosenbauer Is New Director of the Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center

From the USGS Newsroom...

USGS science at AGU

Tsunamis, climate change, Hawaiian volcanoes, planetary science, water, minerals, and more
Released: 12/2/2011 11:00:00 AM

SAN FRANCISCO — From nearly 900 abstracts by USGS presenters at this year's American Geophysical Union conference, we've selected some of the newest, most exciting topics that USGS scientists will explore at AGU. Tips are presented in topic areas, chronologically with room numbers, session numbers and a summary.

The AGU conference is held Dec. 5-9 at the Moscone (West and South) Convention Center in San Francisco.


Monday, 12/5, 1:40 p.m., MS Halls A-C
Estimating the likelihood of extreme seismogenic tsunamis
USGS Scientist: Geist
Because the likelihood of tsunamis caused by earthquakes is directly linked to the size of the generating earthquakes, we can determine the likelihood of a tsunami occurring in a certain location by looking at earthquake data. Because of complicated wave evolution near shore, estimates for extreme tsunamis are site-specific.

Monday, 12/5, 3:10 p.m., MW 3010
Field observations of tsunami characteristics after 2011 Japanese tsunami
USGS Scientist: Richmond
NH13G-07 /Oral presentation
Characteristics of the Tohoku tsunami deposits reveal information on the geologic processes of the destructive waves as well as criteria to identify paleotsunami deposits in the geologic record. The international team observed height and direction of tsunami flow, mapped erosion features and assessed and sampled sediment deposition in shallow trenches.

Wednesday, 12/7, 11:50 a.m., MW 3010
Assessing tsunami hazard from the geologic record
USGS Scientist: Jaffe
NH32A-07/Oral presentation
Hazard assessments have begun to incorporate tsunami deposits into the few available historical records of tsunamis, a technique that is growing more accurate as scientists are able to distinguish storm deposits from tsunami deposits. However, studies of the 2011 Japan tsunami suggest that deposits may not be an accurate measurement of inundation distance, and that other proxies such as geochemical signatures and approaches such as sediment transport modeling are needed.

Mineral and Energy Resources

Monday, 12/5, 10:20 a.m., MW 2022-2024
Marine ferromanganese deposits as a source of rare metals for high- and green-tech applications: Comparison with land-based deposits
USGS Scientist: Hein
V12A-04/Oral presentation
Deep-ocean deposits of rare earth minerals may offer a potential solution to global demand.

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October 2011

Local article, from the Press-Banner: Scotts Valley, San Lorenzo Valley, Bonny Doon, & Pasatiempo

Ben Lomond resident plumbs the Pacific's deepest secrets

Sound Waves articles from October 2011 issue:

Final Beach-Erosion Survey of the Elwha River Delta Before Dam Removal

Publications Explain Elwha River Restoration to Scientists, General Public

August 2011

Sound Waves articles from August 2011 issue:

Three-Week Expedition Images Sediments Beneath the Gulf of Alaska

U.S. West Coast Erosion Spiked In Winter 2009-10, Previewing Likely Future As Climate Changes

July 2011

Sound Waves article from July 2011 issue:

Strengthening Coastal Research Partnerships at Coastal Sediments '11

Summer Intern Working with Underwater Video Data from the Hawaiian Islands

June 2011

Sound Waves article from June 2011 issue:

International Team Studies Tsunami Deposits in Japan to Improve Understanding and Mitigation of Tsunami Hazards


Pre-tsunami Japan: April 2010

May 2011

Sound Waves articles from April/May 2011 issue:

Connecting Marshes to the Sea—Sediment in the Shallows of San Francisco Bay

Impacts of Armoring on Sheltered Shorelines: Puget Sound, Washington

March 2011 Breaking News and other highlights

Notes From the FieldMarch 11, 2011 Tsunami
Web page features videos and photos taken in Santa Cruz the day the tsunami hit the California coast; and photos from Hawaii taken after the initial tsunami surge hit the Big Island

Preliminary simulation of the tsunami from the March 11, 2011 M=9.0 subduction zone earthquake offshore of Honshu, Japan

Pre-tsunami Sendai, Japan—photos from an international field trip to Japan in April, 2010

Japan Lashed by Powerful Earthquake, Devastating Tsunami

Long-Lived, Slow-Growing Corals in Deep Waters of the Gulf of Mexico

Message in a Saucer—USGS Drifter Lands on Vancouver Island, Canada, 40 Years After Release

South Bay Science Symposium: Research on the Restoration of Salt Ponds in South San Francisco Bay

January/February 2011

Sound Waves articles from January/February 2011 issue:

ARkStorm: California's Other “Big One”

USGS Geographer Is Opening Speaker at GIS Day 2010


Predicting the Impact of Extreme Storms on the California Coast:


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