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Perspective view of NE Channel Islands

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See caption below; northeast Channel Islands colored shaded-relief multibeam bathymetry perspective view 5

Perspective view of the Northeastern Channel Islands multibeam bathymetry looking east towards Ventura and Port Hueneme (arrow 5 on location map). On the shelf in approximately 100 m water depth, linear features trend parallel to the shelf break. On the slope, below 150 m water depth, more deeply incised linear feature also trend parallel to the shelf break. While these features vary in height and wave length, the bathymetric profile (below) down the slope at A-A' shows that the features directly inshore of Platform Gail are about 3-5 m in height and have wavelengths of about 200 m. The linear features abruptly transition to a gullied slope toward the southeast. The distance across the bottom of the image is approximately 4 km. The vertical exaggeration is 2X.

profile of A-A' in perspective 5

Profile A-A': Bathymetric profile from A-A' in Figure 5 above. The profile trends down slope from a water depth of 115m to 210m over a distance of 1900m.

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