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Oblique view of Lake Tahoe, CA-NV showing a debris flow

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Lake Tahoe Perspective View, see caption below.

Oblique view of Lake Tahoe shaded-relief bathymetry looking northwest into Carnelian Bay. The distance across the bottom of the image is approximately 2.5 km. The image has a vertical exaggeration of 3 times the horizontal distance. The colored region is the lake floor, while the gray-scale region is the surrounding land. The floor of the lake in this area is at about 1450 m above sea-level and the tops of the bluffs are at about 1760-m. A prominent debris flow can be seen on the floor of the lake. The debris flow is about1500-m long and 1000-m wide. The main debris mass is about 5-m thick, but the individual blocks are as much as 25-m high. The debris flow appears to represent a failure of the bluff directly west of the flow.

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