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Wong, F.L., Hamer, M.R., Hampton, M.A., and Torresan, M.E., 1996, Bottom Characteristics of an Ocean Disposal Site off Honolulu, Hawaii: Time-based Navigational Trackline Data Managed by Routes and Events: Redlands, California, Environmental Systems Research Institute, 1996 ESRI Users Conference Proceedings (cdrom), approx. 15 p.

Figure 2. Mosaicked image from the sidescan sonar survey conducted in 1993. This area is a small window near the Old Honolulu disposal site (OH in Figure 1) in approximately 500 m water depth. The low-backscatter (dark) material is the native sediment. The high-backscatter (white) material consists of accumulations of dredged material offloaded in and near the designated dump site. The circular blobs are individual loads of dredged material. The 1994 camera survey (blue lines) retraced some of the tracklines covered in the sidescan-sonar survey.

Observed current directions.

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