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Wong, F.L., Hamer, M.R., Hampton, M.A., and Torresan, M.E., 1996, Bottom Characteristics of an Ocean Disposal Site off Honolulu, Hawaii: Time-based Navigational Trackline Data Managed by Routes and Events: Redlands, California, Environmental Systems Research Institute, 1996 ESRI Users Conference Proceedings (cdrom), approx. 15 p.

Figure 3. Tracklines surveyed by U.S. Geological Survey in 1994. The full navigation is displayed in black and was built as a single route with navigation time as the measure. The blue lines are the segments of the survey during which the towed camera was operating. The camera line segments were extracted as line events based on start and end times and then converted to a line coverage. Dashed outlines are disposal sites. Bathymetry in meters.

USGS 1994 survey tracklines.

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