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Wong, F.L., Hamer, M.R., Hampton, M.A., and Torresan, M.E., 1996, Bottom Characteristics of an Ocean Disposal Site off Honolulu, Hawaii: Time-based Navigational Trackline Data Managed by Routes and Events: Redlands, California, Environmental Systems Research Institute, 1996 ESRI Users Conference Proceedings (cdrom), approx. 15 p.

Figure 5. Samples of oriented photographs (north is up) recorded by bottom camera. Bar on photograph indicates line of cross-sectional profiles shown above photograph. (a) Asymmetrical ripples, current direction is NE. (b) Symmetrical ripples, current direction is E or W. (c) Disorganized sea bottom, no ripples evident. Side of photograph is approximately 3 m.

Sample bottom photographs.

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