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Wong, F.L., Hamer, M.R., Hampton, M.A., and Torresan, M.E., 1996, Bottom Characteristics of an Ocean Disposal Site off Honolulu, Hawaii: Time-based Navigational Trackline Data Managed by Routes and Events: Redlands, California, Environmental Systems Research Institute, 1996 ESRI Users Conference Proceedings (cdrom), approx. 15 p.

Figure 7. Current direction inferred from asymmetrical and symmetrical ripples observed in bottom photographs. North is up. The current patterns are complex in this small subwindow of the study area. The current direction is most likely northwestward in the east half of the figure, westward in the southwest part, and indeterminate where no symbols occur. Water depth is approximately 500 m. Camera trackline numbers are in blue.

Observed current directions.

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