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Southwest Washington Coastal Erosion Study Data

Map and arial photos showing the four sub-cells--North Beach, Grayland Plains, Long Beach, and Clatsop Plains--that make up the Columbia River littoral cell.

For information about this study or the data, contact:

Guy Gelfenbaum
(650) 329-5483
U.S. Geological Survey
Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center
400 Natural Bridges Drive
Santa Cruz, CA 94020

George Kaminsky
(360) 407-6797
Washington State Department of Ecology
Coastal Monitoring and Analysis Program
P.O. Box 47600
Olympia, WA 98504-7600
SWCES Project Overview

Bathymetric Data

Edited and Combined Survey Data and Grids

The following digital data sets are composites of historical and modern hydrographic sounding data within the Columbia River littoral cell for three unique regions (entire study area, Columbia River subset, Grays Harbor subset) and four unique Eras (1-4). Except for the estuary data, the individual surveys have been evaluated for errors and inconsistencies and the data points removed. See the Process Step section in the metadata for specific information. Original data was reprojected to Washington Stateplane, FIPS 4602, meters. Attributes inlcude easting, northing, depth-navd(m), depth-mllw(m), and original survey name. The composites for Columbia River (cr) and Grays Harbor (gh) were compiled by Maarten Buijsman and are the data sets used for the sediment budget analysis. They also include CPS and shoreline data.

Research associated with these data sets can be viewed at:

Edited and Combined Survey Data
Data Set Interval Soundings
(ArcInfo export)
(ASCII text)
swwa_era1 1868-1900 swwa_era1pts.e00.gz swwa_era1pts.dat.gz swwa_era1pts.htm
swwa_era2 1926-1941 swwa_era2pts.e00.gz swwa_era2pts.dat.gz swwa_era2pts.htm
swwa_era3 1951-1958 swwa_era3pts.e00.gz swwa_era3pts.dat.gz swwa_era3pts.htm
swwa_era4 1996-1999 swwa_era4pts.e00.gz swwa_era4pts.dat.gz swwa_era4pts.htm
cr_era1 1868-1877 cr_era1.e00.gz cr_era1.dat.gz cr_era1.htm
cr_era2 1926-1935 cr_era2.e00.gz cr_era2.dat.gz cr_era2.htm
cr_era3 1956-1958 cr_era3.e00.gz cr_era3.dat.gz cr_era3.htm
cr_era4 1995-2000 cr_era4.e00.gz cr_era4.dat.gz cr_era4.htm
cr_era4_cor 1995-2000 cr_era4_cor.e00.gz cr_era4_cor.dat.gz cr_era4_cor.htm
gh_era1 1887-1900 gh_era1.e00.gz gh_era1.dat.gz gh_era1.htm
gh_era2 1926-1927 gh_era2.e00.gz gh_era2.dat.gz gh_era2.htm
gh_era3 1950-1955 gh_era3.e00.gz gh_era3.dat.gz gh_era3.htm
gh_era4 1995-1999 gh_era4.e00.gz gh_era4.dat.gz gh_era4.htm

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The following datasets are historical representations of individual inlet areas in the CRLC. Attributes include Eastings Northings Depth-mllw Cartocode Survey-ID and Survey-Year

Columbia River Grays Harbor Willapa Bay
POINTS Arc Export (.e00) arc_export.ZIP arc_export.ZIP arc_export.ZIP
POINTS ASCII (.dat) ascii_points.ZIP ascii_points.ZIP ascii_points.ZIP
GRIDS ASCII (.ascii) ascii_grids.ZIP ascii_grids.ZIP ascii_grids.ZIP
SURFER (.grd) surfer_grids.ZIP surfer_grids.ZIP surfer_grids.ZIP
Metadata .txt and .htm criver_met.ZIP grays_met.ZIP willapa_met.ZIP

Individual Hydrographic Survey Data

The following digital data sets include historical hydrographic sounding data collected by either the National Ocean Service (formerly the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey) or the US Army Corps of Engineers. Some of the surveys have been evaluated for errors and inconsistencies. Except for the Era 1 surveys, soundings with questionable depths are included in the following data sets, but their cartographic codes have been changed. Cartographic codes of 711 are considered valid sounding data while those with codes other than 711 were determined to be somehow in error. See the Process Step section in the metadata for specific information. The original data sets have been reprojected to Washington Stateplane, FIPS 4602, meters. Attributes include easting, northing, depth-navd(m), depth-mllw(m), cartographic code, survey name, and survey year.

Data is divided by:

* Surveys not included in combined era data sets above.

Era 1 (Pre-Jetty: 1851-1900)

era1_index_mapEra 1 Index Map

ERA 1 (Pre-Jetty: 1851-1900)
Survey ID Year(s) ArcInfo export ASCII text Raw data Metadata Index map
H-273* 1851 h273_1851.e00.gz h273_1851.dat.gz h273.htm h273_index.gif
H-335* 1852 h335_1852.e00.gz h335_1852.dat.gz h335.htm h335_index.gif
H-809* 1862 h809_1862.e00.gz h809_1862.dat.gz h809.htm h809_index.gif
H-1018 1868 h1018_1868.e00.gz h1018_1868.dat.gz Cr1868.dat h1018.htm h1018_index.gif
H-1019 1868 h1019_1868.e00.gz h1019_1868.dat.gz h1019.htm h1019_index.gif
H-1378 1877 h1378_1877.e00.gz h1378_1877.dat.gz h1378.htm h1378_index.gif
H-1379 1877 h1379_1877.e00.gz h1379_1877.dat.gz h1379.htm h1379_index.gif
H-1589A 1883 h1589a_1891.e00.gz h1589a_1891.dat.gz h1589a.htm h1589a_index.gif
H-1800 1887 h1800_1887.e00.gz h1800_1887.dat.gz h1800.htm h1800_index.gif
GH1900C 1900 gh1900c.e00.gz gh1900c.dat.gz gh1900.dat gh1900c.htm gh1900c_index.gif
All Era1
   era1e00.ZIP era1ascii.ZIP era1raw.ZIP era1meta.ZIP era1maps.ZIP

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Era 2 (Post-Jetty: 1911-1941)

era2_index_mapEra 2 Index Map

ERA 2 (Post-Jetty: 1911-1941)
Survey ID Year(s) ArcInfo export ASCII text Raw data files Metadata Index map
H-3297* 1911 h3297_1911.e00.gz h3297_1911.dat.gz h3297.htm .H3297_index.gif
H-4363* 1924 h4363_1924.e00.gz h4363_1924.dat.gz h4363.htm .h4363_index.gif
H-4611 1926 h4611_1926.e00.gz h4611_1926.dat.gz h4611.htm h4611_index.gif
H-4612 1926 h4612_1926.e00.gz h4612_1926.dat.gz 03NG1012.a93 h4612.htm .h4612_index.gif
H-4618 1926 h4618_1926.e00.gz h4618_1926.dat.gz h4618.htm h4618_index.gif
H-4619 1926 h4619_1926.e00.gz h4619_1926.dat.gz 03NG1014.a93 h4619.htm .h4619_index.gif
H-4620 1926 h4620_1926.e00.gz h4620_1926.dat.gz 03NG1142.a93 h4620.htm h4620_index.gif
H-4621 1926 h4621_1926.e00.gz h4621_1926.dat.gz 03NG1015.a93 h4621.htm .h4621_index.gif
H-4633A 1926 h4633a_1926.e00.gz h4633a_1926.dat.gz 03NG1143.a93 h4633a.htm h4633a_index.gif
H-4634 1926 h4634_1927.e00.gz h4634_1927.dat.gz 03NG1016.a93 h4634.htm .h4634_index.gif
H-4635 1926 h4635_1926.e00.gz h4635_1926.dat.gz 03NG1017.a93 h4635.htm .h4635_index.gif
H-4636 1926 h4636_1926.e00.gz h4636_1926.dat.gz 03NG1018.a93 h4636.htm .h4636_index.gif
GH27ANC 1927 gh27anc.e00.gz gh27anc.dat.gz 27anmllw.dat gh27anc.htm .gh27anc_index.gif
GH27PTS 1927 gh27anp.e00.gz gh27anp.dat.gz N/A gh27anp.htm gh27anp_index.gif
H-4658 1927 h4658_1927.e00.gz h4658_1927.dat.gz 03NG1020.a93 h4658.htm .h4658_index.gif
H-4710 1927 h4710_1927.e00.gz h4710_1927.dat.gz 03NG1021.a93 h4710.htm .h4710_index.gif
H-4715 1927 h4715_1927.e00.gz h4715_1927.dat.gz 03NG1147.a93 h4715.htm h4715_index.gif
H-4716 1927 h4716_1927.e00.gz h4716_1927.dat.gz 03NG1148.a93 h4716.htm .h4716_index.gif
H-4728 1927 h4728_1927.e00.gz h4728_1927.dat.gz 03NG1022.a93 h4728.htm h4728_index.gif
H-4729 1927 h4729_1927.e00.gz h4729_1927.dat.gz 03NG1149.a93 h4729.htm h4729_index.gif
H-4735 1927 h4735_1927.e00.gz h4735_1927.dat.gz 03NG1226.a93 h4735.htm h4735_index.gif
H-5927 1935 h5927_1935.e00.gz h5927_1935.dat.gz 03F11393.a93 h5927.htm h5927_index.gif
H-5928 1935 h5928_1935.e00.gz h5928_1935.dat.gz 03F11394.a93 h5928.htm h5928_index.gif
H-5975 1935 h5975_1935.e00.gz h5975_1935.dat.gz 03F11398.a93 h5975.htm h5975_index.gif
H-5976 1935 h5976_1935.e00.gz h5976_1935.dat.gz 03F11399.a93 h5976.htm h5976_index.gif
H-6178 1936 h6178_1936.e00.gz h6178_1936.dat.gz 03F11401.a93 h6178.htm h6178_index.gif
H-6179 1936-37 h6179_1936.e00.gz h6179_1936.dat.gz 03F11402.a93 h6179.htm h6179_index.gif
H-6180 1936-37 h6180_1936.e00.gz h6180_1936.dat.gz 03F11403.a93 h6180.htm h6180_index.gif
H-6181 1936-37 h6181_1936.e00.gz h6181_1936.dat.gz 03F11404.a93 h6181.htm h6181_index.gif
H-6182 1936-37 h6182_1936.e00.gz h6182_1936.dat.gz 03F11405.a93 h6182.htm h6182_index.gif
H-6237 1935 h6237_1935.e00.gz h6237_1935.dat.gz 03F11406.a93 h6237.htm h6237_index.gif
H-6514 1939 h6514_1939.e00.gz h6514_1939.dat.gz 03F11410.a93 h6514.htm h6514_index.gif
H-6515 1939 h6515_1939.e00.gz h6515_1939.dat.gz 03F11517.a93 h6515.htm h6515_index.gif
H-6516 1939 h6516_1939.e00.gz h6516_1939.dat.gz 03F11518.a93 h6516.htm h6516_index.gif
H-6517 1939 h6517_1939.e00.gz h6517_1939.dat.gz 03F11519.a93 h6517.htm h6517_index.gif
H-6518 1939 h6518_1939.e00.gz h6518_1939.dat.gz 03F11520.a93 h6518.htm h6518_index.gif
H-6519 1939 h6519_1939.e00.gz h6519_1939.dat.gz 03F11521.a93 h6519.htm h6519_index.gif
H-6520 1939 h6520_1939.e00.gz h6520_1939.dat.gz 03F11411.a93 h6520.htm h6520_index.gif
H-6521 1939 h6521_1939.e00.gz h6521_1939.dat.gz 03F11412.a93 h6521.htm h6521_index.gif
H-6646 1940 h6646_1940.e00.gz h6646_1940.dat.gz 03631074.a93 h6646.htm h6646_index.gif
H-6647 1940 h6647_1940.e00.gz h6647_1940.dat.gz 03031038.a93 h6647.htm h6647_index.gif
H-6665 1941 h6665_1941.e00.gz h6665_1941.dat.gz 03031048.a93 h6665.htm h6665_index.gif
MCR_1935 1935 mcr_1935.e00.gz mcr_1935.dat.gz Cr1935.dat mcr_1935.htm mcr1935_index.gif
All Era2
era2e00.ZIP.gz era2ascii.ZIP.gz era2raw.ZIP era2meta.ZIP era2maps.ZIP

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Era 3 (Post-Jetty: 1947 to 1958)

era3_index_mapEra 3 Index Map

ERA 3 (Post-Jetty: 1947 to 1958)
Survey ID Year(s) ArcInfo Export ASCII text Raw data files Metadata Index map
H-7178* 1947 h7178_1947.e00.gz h7178_1947.dat.gz 03221017.a93 h7178.htm h7178_index.gif
H-7179* 1947 h7179_1947.e00.gz h7179_1947.dat.gz 03221018.a93 h7179.htm h7179_index.gif
H-7180* 1947 h7180_1947.e00.gz h7180_1947.dat.gz 03221019.a93 h7180.htm h7180_index.gif
H-7815* 1950 h7815_1950.e00.gz h7815_1950.dat.gz 03221023.a93 h7815.htm h7815_index.gif
H-7816* 1950 h7816_1950.e00.gz h7816_1950.dat.gz 03221024.a93 h7816.htm h7816_index.gif
H-7817* 1950 h7817_1950.e00.gz h7817_1950.dat.gz 03221025.a93 h7817.htm h7817_index.gif
H-7940 1951 h7940_1951.e00.gz h7940_1951.dat.gz 03221027.a93 h7940.htm h7940_index.gif
GH1954 1954 gh1954.e00.gz gh1954.dat.gz 54anmllw.dat gh1954.htm gh1954_index.gif
H-8136 1954 h8136_1954.e00.gz h8136_1954.dat.gz 03F11759.a93 h8136.htm h8136_index.gif
H-8137 1954 h8137_1954.e00.gz h8137_1954.dat.gz 03F11760.a93 h8137.htm h8137_index.gif
H-8138 1954 h8138_1954.e00.gz h8138_1954.dat.gz 03F11761.a93 h8138.htm h8138_index.gif
H-8250 1956 h8250_1956.e00.gz h8250_1956.dat.gz 03F11527.a93 h8250.htm h8250_index.gif
H-8251 1956 h8251_1956.e00.gz h8251_1956.dat.gz 03F11528.a93 h8251.htm h8251_index.gif
H-8252 1955 h8252_1955.e00.gz h8252_1955.dat.gz 03F11529.a93 h8252.htm h8252_index.gif
H-8292 1956 h8292_1956.e00.gz h8292_1956.dat.gz 03F11530.a93 h8292.htm h8292_index.gif
H-8293 1956 h8293_1956.e00.gz h8293_1956.dat.gz 03F11415.a93 h8293.htm h8293_index.gif
H-8335 1954 h8335_1954.e00.gz h8335_1954.dat.gz 03F11417.a93 h8335.htm h8335_index.gif
H-8416 1958 h8416_1958.e00.gz h8416_1958.dat.gz   h8416.htm h8417_index.gif
H-8417 1958 h8417_1958.e00.gz h8417_1958.dat.gz   h8417.htm h8417_index.gif
H-8419* 1958 h8419_1958.e00.gz h8419_1958.dat.gz 03271044.a93 h8419.htm h8419_index.gif
H-8420 1958 h8420_1958.e00.gz h8420_1958.dat.gz h8420.htm h8420_index.gif
H-8421 1958 h8421_1958.e00.gz h8421_1958.dat.gz h8421.dat h8421.htm h8421_index.gif
H-8423 1956 h8423_1958.e00.gz h8423_1958.dat.gz 03NG1155.a93 h8423.htm h8423_index.gif
H-8436 1958 h8436_1958.e00.gz h8436_1958.dat.gz 03271045.a93 h8436.htm h8436_index.gif
All Era3
  era3e00.ZIP.gz era3ascii.ZIP.gz era3raw.ZIP era3meta.ZIP era3maps.ZIP

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Era 4 (Modern: 1976 to 2000)

era4_index_mapEra 4 Index Map

ERA 4 (Modern: 1976 to 2000)
Survey ID Year(s) ArcInfo export ASCII text Raw data files Metadata Index map
Ap81fa* 1981 ap81fa.e00.gz ap81fa.dat.gz Ap81fa.dat ap81fa.htm ap81fa_index.gif
Ap83su* 1983 ap83su.e00.gz ap83su.dat.gz Ap83su.dat ap83su.htm ap83su_index.gif
Ap84su* 1984 ap84su.e00.gz ap84su.dat.gz Ap84su.dat ap84su.htm ap84su_index.gif
Ap85su* 1985 ap85su.e00.gz ap85su.dat.gz Ap85su.dat ap85su.htm ap85su_index.gif
Ap86su* 1986 ap86su.e00.gz ap86su.dat.gz Ap86su.dat ap86su.htm ap86su_index.gif
Ap88fa* 1988 ap88fa.e00.gz ap88fa.dat.gz Ap88fa.dat ap88fa.htm ap88fa_index.gif
Ap92fa* 1992 ap92fa.e00.gz ap92fa.dat.gz Ap92fa.dat ap92fa.htm ap92fa_index.gif
Ap94fa* 1994 ap94fa.e00.gz ap94fa.dat.gz Ap94fa.dat ap94fa.htm ap94fa_index.gif
Ap97su* 1997 ap97su.e00.gz ap97su.dat.gz Ap97su.dat ap97su.htm ap97su_index.gif
Ap98su* 1998 ap98su.e00.gz ap98su.dat.gz Ap98su.dat ap98su.htm ap98su_index.gif
CR00CP 2000 cr00_clats.e00.gz cr00_clats.dat.gz Clatsop_off_2000.dat cr00_clats.htm cr00_clats_index.gif
CR98LB 1998 cr98_lbch.e00.gz cr98_lbch.dat.gz cr98_lbch.htm cr98_lbch_index.gif
CR99LB 1999 cr99_lbch.e00.gz cr99_lbch.dat.gz pcoe99dat.dat cr99_lbch.htm cr99_lbch_index.gif
DESD_SI 1996-99 desd_sandisl.e00.gz desd_sandisl.dat.gz desd_sandisl.dat desd_sandisl.htm desd_sandisl_index.gif
GH95ANP* 1995 gh95anp.e00.gz gh95anp.dat.gz 95annual.dat gh95anp.htm gh95anp_index.gif
GH98ANP* 1998 gh98anp.e00.gz gh98anp.dat.gz 98annual.dat gh98anp.htm gh98anp_index.gif
GH99ANP 1999 gh99anp.e00.gz gh99anp.dat.gz 99annual.dat gh99anp.htm gh99anp_index.gif
MCR97_d*  1997 mcr97_disp.e00.gz mcr97_disp.dat.gz mcr97.dat mcr97_disp.htm mcr97_disp_index.gif
MCR98_disp* 1998 mcr98_disp.e00.gz mcr98_disp.dat.gz Mcr98_REV.dat mcr98_disp.htm mcr98_disp_index.gif
MCR99_disp* 1999 mcr99_disp.e00.gz mcr99_disp.dat.gz mcr99_disp.htm mcr98_disp_index.gif
MCR_combo* 2000 mcr00_combo.e00.gz mcr00_combo.dat.gz mcr00_combo.htm mcr00_combo_index.gif
MCR00_dispo 2000 mcr00_dispo.e00.gz mcr00_dispo.dat.gz N/A mcr00_dispo.htm mcr00_dispo_index.gif
MCR00_entra 2000 mcr00_entra.e00.gz mcr00_entra.dat.gz mcr_appr_00.dat mcr00_entra.htm mcr00_entra_index.gif
mb99_10m* 1999 mb99_10m.e00.gz mb99_10m.dat.gz mb99_10m.htm mb99_index.gif
mb99_50m* 1999 mb99_50m.e00.gz mb99_50m.dat.gz 50_m_depth_listing.dat.gz mb99_50m.htm mb99_index.gif
WB1998* 1998 willapa98.e00.gz willapa98.dat.gz willapa98.htm willapa98.gif
WB98clp 1998 wb98clp.e00.gz wb98clp.dat.gz N/A wb98clp.htm wb98clp.gif
WB99* 1999 willapa99.e00.gz willapa99.dat.gz willapa99.htm willapa99.gif
All Era4
  era4e00.ZIP.gz era4ascii.ZIP.gz era4meta.ZIP

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Raw Data:

Original data files. See metadata for individual surveys above.

COE_data NOS_data Misc_data
Multibeam Corliss Combined


Input Data:

ArcInfo point and line coverage input formatted data.  See metadata for individual surveys above.

1800s pre_50s post_50s
coe combined multibeam


Scanned Sheets:

Contains .tif images of numerous historical surveys from both Columbia River and Grays Harbor.

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Links to Additional Data Archives

Three additional folders are included in the archive of the SWCES bathymetry data. No metadata are available for these data.


Sounding data, grids, and scripts used for the sediment budget analysis (Buijsman et al., 2002)


Additional USACE data from the Grays Harbor region


Additional information, description of vertical datum determination, and other metadata for the Grays Harbor multibeam survey.

50m backscatter data 50_m_mos_listing
Vertical Control Information metadata.pdf
Miscellaneous images
(contour, backscatter, shaded relief) Readme.images

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