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The Pacific Seafloor Mapping Project along with its cooperators have a number of products that can be ordered from the USGS or downloaded on-line as PDF files.

To order, please contact:

Information Services
Box 25286
Denver, CO 80225
Telephone (888) ASK-USGS

Multibeam Bathymetry and Selected Perspective Views Offshore San Diego, California (USGS Scientific Investigations Map 2959, 2 maps) San Diego map 1 San Diego map 2
Under the Golden Gate Bridge – Views of the Sea Floor Near the Entrance to San Francisco Bay, California (USGS Scientific Investigaions Map 2917, 1 map) San Francisco Bay map 1  
Multibeam bathymetry and selected perspective views of Glacier Bay, Alaska (Water Resources Investigations Report: 03-4141, 2 maps) Glacier Bay map 1

Glacier Bay map 2
Bathymetry and Selected Perspective Views Offshore Greater Los Angeles, California (Water Resources Investigations Report: 02-4126, 1 map)
2000 Multibeam Sonar Survey of Crater Lake, Oregon: Data, GIS, Images, and Movies. USGS Digital Data Series, DDS-72, CD-ROM

View as HTML at
purchasing info:

Crater Lake CD-ROM cover Crater Lake CD-ROM
Bathymetry and Selected Perspective Views of Crater Lake, Oregon (Water Resources Investigations Report: 01-4046, 2 maps) Crater Lake map 1 Crater Lake map 2
Crater Lake Revealed (Geologic Investigations Series I-2790, 1 map)

Download PDF version at

Bathymetry and Selected Perspective Views of Central San Francisco Bay, California (Water Resources Investigations Report 00-4164, 2 maps) San Francisco Bay map 1 San Francisco Bay map 2
Bathymetry and Selected Perspective Views of Sea Floor North and West Maui, Hawaii (Water Resources Investigations Report: 00-4046, 2 maps) North and West Maui map 1 North and West Maui map 2
Sea-Floor Images and Data from Multibeam Surveys in San Francisco Bay, Southern California, Hawaii, the Gulf of Mexico, and Lake Tahoe, California-Nevada (USGS Digital Data Series, DDS-55, CD-ROM)

Also available for free on the web at

Multibeam Mapping CD-ROM cover Multibeam Mapping CD-ROM
Shaded-relief bathymetric and backscatter maps of Santa Monica Margin, California (I-MAP I-2648, 2 maps) Santa Monica Bay map 1 Santa Monica Bay map 2
Bathymetry and Selected Perspective Views of Lake Tahoe, California-Nevada (Water Resources Investigation Report 99-4043, 2 maps) Lake Tahoe map 1 Lake Tahoe map 2
Visualizing the Geology of Lake Trout Spawning Sites, Northern Lake Michigan (Geologic Investigations Series I-2800)

Download PDF version at

Lake Michigan map 2
Under San Francisco Bay--A New View of the Floor of West-Central San Francisco Bay (Open-File Report 2001-90, 2-sided sheet),

Download PDF version at

front of poster back of poster

Related Products

Selected Hydrographic Features of Lake Tahoe Basin and Surrounding Area, California and Nevada (Open File Report 98-649, 1 sheet)

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