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Tsunamis and Earthquakes

The 26 December 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami: Initial Findings from Sumatra

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Survey Team
Survey and Methods
Tsunami Heights
Damage to Structures
Tsunami Sand Deposits
Coastal Response
Photo Gallery


Photo Gallery of Northwestern Sumatra,
20-29 January 2005

The map below shows the International Tsunami Survey Team's survey locations in Sumatra between 20 January and 29 January 2005.

The photo gallery takes you on a tour of the northwest coast of Sumatra, documenting the ITST's journey each day from their host home to a new survey location. Photos include scenes from roadways, marketplaces, residential areas, beaches, rivers, and survey locations.

  • January 20, arriving in Banda Aceh
  • January 21, surveying around Banda Aceh
  • January 22, travelling from host home in Banda Aceh to survey site in Lho Nga
  • January 23, survey site in Lampuuk
  • January 24, travelling from host home in Banda Aceh to survey site in Leupueng
  • January 25, travelling from host home in Banda Aceh to the Seaside Resort Hotel survey site, north of Leupueng
  • January 26, travelling from host home in Banda Aceh to Lampuuk golf course survey site
  • January 27, travelling from host home in Banda Aceh to survey site south of Leupueng
  • January 28, helicopter flight from Banda Aceh to Krueng Sabe
  • January 29, last day with host family in Banda Aceh


Location of Sumatra study areas

Sumatra survey location map showing study areas.

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